When you are thinking of coming up with mobile app ideas proactively, the innovations that mobile apps bring to the world can make that a little easier. 

While the world has changed, the mobile boom happened, and it is still happening, companies are still striving to come up with apps that people can use. Apps have become an integral part of our lives; we almost cannot live without them now. 

As a startup owner, you need to be careful when coming up with an app idea or else you might fail miserably. There are numerous ways to come up with app ideas, but many people don’t know the right way and end up wasting their time. 

While it may sound simple, locating an android app development company that understands your needs, can deliver your app idea in an efficient and timely matter. This is why this guide is for you; it aims to help you think of unique mobile app ideas for startups so that when the time comes for implementation, you are able to do it successfully.

Thus, below are the 5 unique mobile app ideas to fuel your startups:

1.   Online Education App 

Schools, teachers, and parents have faced many challenges with the rise of the coronavirus. Since then, many have been looking for and taking advantage of new technologies to get through it. 

Mobile applications are now an important part of everyday life and schools are not left out. The need for solutions to these problems is very high and there is a huge opportunity for you to create mobile apps that help schools or college students.

Best Examples: Udemy, Khan Academy, and TED

2.   Entertainment App

Entertainment is an admittedly broad term, it covers a lot of necessary ground. 

It encompasses a wide range of activities that attract people from all walks of life, such as games, music, movies, and virtual communication. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that entertainment apps are always on the lookout for new ways to enable their users to fulfill their fantasies, dazzle them and stay in touch with others.

Best Examples: Netflix, SketchBook, Spotify, and Facebook

3.   Casual Games

While they come in a lot of forms, the overall aim of casual games is quite simple – to bring you a sense of excitement and fun with every play. Appropriately enough for their label as “casual”, these game apps are very simple in terms of gameplay. 

No need for any special skills or fluency in English; just follow one simple rule and enjoy your gaming experience. The best ones are also highly addictive and fun; this means they can appeal to a variety of demographics and ages.

Best Examples: VS Zombies, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Idle Slayer

4.   Online Consultation App

Seemingly, healthcare apps have been the new kick for startups in recent years. These apps, which show off the value of telemedicine, sales grew by over 120 percent and are expected to continue increasing. 

With this industry spiking exponentially for several consecutive quarters now, there is no doubt that mobile healthcare startup ideas will become more valuable as time goes on.

Best Examples: MDLIVE, PlushCare, LiveHealth, and Lemonaid

5.   Shopping App

Shopping is not just something you do at a physical store or online – it’s something we do every day. People can spend hours on Amazon or eBay surfing, read online reviews of different products and save your favorite items to buy later, use coupons to save some bucks, try all sorts of things. 

From this point of view, shopping apps offer tangible benefits that aren’t present in any web version.

Best Examples: Amazon and eBay

To Conclude:

When you consider these 5 mobile app ideas, your startup will be working well on its way to ultimate success. Be sure to choose the idea that works best for you and your business model, then use the above information to find a development shop with the talent needed to bring your idea into reality. 

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