Canada is a great country that is welcoming Indian students with open arms. It is a multicultural nation that accommodates a number of people from different regions. It is an advanced nation with sturdy infrastructure, a strong economy, medical, and hospitality industries. When it comes to the ranking of Canada in the study, it is also number one. It has ranked top among countries to live and work in 2021. It offers quality education to students in top colleges and universities and invites applications from Indian students now. So, being an enthusiast for Canadian study immigration, you should apply for your visa in a legal and secure way. 

Importance of IELTS in Visa Application

In order to begin your journey towards a Canadian study visa, IELTS is the initial step. However, it is still a sphere of confusion for some aspirants that IELTS is required or not? But as per the professional study visa consultants in Jalandhar, it is compulsory. All accredited colleges and universities require an English proficiency test. However, there are a few institutions that can accept applications without IELTS or will have fewer bands as well. But, it is advised to check with the experts before making a decision. 

Benefits of IELTS for Canada Study Visa

Here is the list of advantages for choosing Canada as a study destination. 

It Makes Your Application Valid

As mentioned above, IELTS is a mandated test to complete the academic ability for the study visa. So, you must consider it to make your Canadian study visa application valid. If you think that without IELTS you will be granted the visa, there is a risk. However, you might have the possibility to receive an offer letter from a particular institution in Canada. But, CIC might refuse your application if you do not provide them with a valid copy of IELTS TRF. It could reduce your chances of a visa granting. 

Higher Bands, More Chances of Success

There is no doubt to mention that IELTS results can give weightage to your study visa application. However, it is also good to achieve the benchmark of required bands in IELTS. Canadian colleges have different band requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. So, if you fulfill the required criteria, you can get visa approval. With IELTS coaching, you can even score higher than the requirement. It could increase weightage to your application. You could also pick an academic institution as per your own choice by scoring higher bands in IELTS. 

IELTS will Excel Your English proficiency

Canada is an English-speaking country. As an overseas student, you have to use this language for communication. So, IELTS can prove beneficial for you as it will boost your English proficiency. It will enable you to speak, write, read, and listen to English well. As a student, you have to communicate with your mates and teachers in English. You could also get an advantage during employment if you are good at English. 

IELTS is a Basic Visa Requirement

There are several documents that you need to submit for a Canadian study visa application. Your previous academic achievements, college offer letter, education loan details are paramount to mention. But, the most prominent document is the IELTS test report form. Without it, study visa consultants in Jalandhar will not accept your application. However, some agents might agree to process your application without IELTS. But, keep in mind they may do this just for money-making. So be attentive in this regard. IELTS is mandated and cannot be ignored. 

IELTS is Accepted Worldwide 

However, the post is mainly focusing on the importance of IELTS for study visa application. But, for your general awareness, it is vital to tell that IELTS is worldwide acceptable. You can use it for study, work, and immigration purposes to get a visa for any country. It demonstrates to the immigration officials that you are capable of accomplishing the study course taught in English. It also proves that you can communicate in a flawless manner with Canadians and other country people. 

Stand Apart in the Competition

Getting good scores in IELTS will make your application stand out in the competition. Due to the covid pandemic, the study immigration process has been slowed in Canada. Agencies are sorting only valuable applications these days. So, IELTS coaching in Jalandhar can grab you higher bands to boost your prospects for visa granting. 

To conclude, IELTS is a prominent gateway to Canada as a student. No one could enter the country without valid IELTS certification. So, it is imperative that candidates must take it seriously and prepare for good IELTS bands. 

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