What is M-Tag?

Using an M-tag as a pre-paid radio frequency identification (RFID) tag on a vehicle’s front windscreen is possible. Like its predecessor, E-Tag, M-Tag will function similarly but considerably faster. The toll booths on the toll plazas will scan the vehicles as they pass through with the help of pre-paid RFID chips issued to the owners of the cars. Your tax will be automatically deducted when you pass through scanners that read the chips on the vehicles. Additionally, the scanner will be able to record your entry and exit points, as well as the remaining balance on your RFID chip. In addition to using the FWO website or app, car owners can recharge using JazzCash. Cards of different amounts such as, Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000, and Rs 3000 can also be used to recharge your account. Do you want to invest in Capital Smart City?

Toll booths featured designated lanes for E-tag commuters, and those lanes were only accessible to those who possessed the E-tag sticker on their vehicle. NADRA was in charge of the E-tag system, which used a central database to link vehicle and owner information. M-Tag, which is replacing E-tag, will be managed by FWO for the time being. It is now only available for business vehicles, but M-Tag plans to make it available for all private vehicle owners in the future.

Why is M-Tag Required?

If you have an M-tag, you don’t have to stand in line at a traffic light or at a parking lot for hours to pay your parking fee. For the time being, the M-tag is only necessary on the M-2, but it is scheduled to be implemented on all other highways shortly.

After June 2019, no car will operate on motorways unless it has an M Tag. In other words, if you don’t have an M-Tag ID, you won’t be able to enter motorways. So, getting your M-tag is essential to avoid any problems on the highways. Obtaining, using, and recharging M-tag are all covered here. Using this technology has reduced the time drivers have to wait in line at toll booths. Many industrialized countries, like Dubai, Europe, and the United States, currently use automated systems of this type. Know about the payment plan of Blue World City.

How to Get M-Tag in Pakistan?

The M-Tag registration service was free for private cars until March 31, and if you enrolled your vehicle before that period, you received an additional $300 in your account. For every 5000 kilometers you travel, you’ll receive 500 rupees in the facility’s reward account. Many toll plaza stations have built customer service centers and registration desks for the M-Tag program. The M-tag costs 300 rupees right now, but that money will be credited to your “M-Tag account” when you use it.

When applying for an M-Tag, vehicle owners must present a current CNIC, driver’s license, and proof of registration for their vehicles. As part of the CPEC 1-link highways project, the technology was initially installed on the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway; later, it will be rolled out to all Pakistani motorways. As of today, if an M-Tag is not attached to a business vehicle, it will be fined 300 rupees.


NHMP has chosen not to provide M-tags to vehicles filed for registration, even though citizens are permitted to obtain M-tags without submitting their vehicle registration documents. Therefore, you should register your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid any complications.


A valid CNIC and a COVID-19 immunization certificate are required for a driver to obtain an M-tag for their car. M-tags are not issued based on a vehicle’s registration documentation. Although a vaccination certificate is required, officials rarely ask for it when you register. The M-2’s toll plazas have specialized booths where drivers can purchase M-tags. You can complete the process of obtaining an M-tag for a vehicle in just a few simple steps:

  • Drive your car to the nearest toll plaza.
  • Provide the CNIC.
  • Show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Provide specifics on the vehicle.
  • List your contact information, including a phone number.
  • Obtain an M-tag.


M-Tag registration is free until the end of December 2021; however, it will cost Rs. 200 as the first year in 2022. There is also no obligation for a minimum deposit. Live 1947 Housing to enjoy perks of beautiful life.

To Sum Up:

For the time being, M-Tag will only be available on Motorway M-2, but it will soon be extended to other highways and the Lahore Ring Road as well. You don’t have to wait in line for hours to pay the toll tax with M-Tag, and you may even pay e-challans from the m-tag balance when necessary.

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