From food and housing to entertainment and education, everything you do in life requires money. In many cases, this can lead to a scarcity mindset, or the feeling that there’s never enough money to go around. Experts agree, though, that this can all too often create even more lack! Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way—you can work on your money mindset and improve your financial situation in the process. In fact, making little changes to make and save more money can add up to a greater confidence, better mindset, and, most importantly, more money.

Start a side hustle.

If you’ve ever Googled ”ways to make more money,” you were inevitably met with the recommendation of taking on a part-time job or side gig. The gig economy has boomed in recent years, and there are countless opportunities from making deliveries to writing sales copy. However, your side hustle doesn’t have to be limited to Upwork or Uber. For instance, some research into how to monetize a Facebook page can transform a casual interest in a thriving community and source of passive income. Video content, in particular, can drive social media traffic, increasing your revenue in the process. It’s not an overnight solution, of course, but this side project can quickly add up to significant extra earnings.

Find fun for less.


Trying to make or save more money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Allocate a small portion of your monthly budget for entertainment and recreation but find ways to use those funds (or fun-ds) in the most wide-reaching way. For instance, gamers might look into the best budget gaming monitor for their favorite games (which they’ll buy used, on sale, or in digital copies for extra savings, of course!). With a bit of effort, you can find the screen size, image quality, response time, refresh rate, and other specs in a gaming monitor that’s at your particular price point. Have a different hobby? You’ll find the same is true no matter your interest: you can find ways to cut down on your spending.

Advocate for yourself.


When it comes to making more money, you might not think of increasing your salary, especially if you’re a woman or member of another underrepresented group—while, contrary to popular belief, they may ask for raises, they’re given them at a lower rate than their male counterparts. However, these odds don’t mean you should give up trying. The same principle applies to embarking on a new career path or negotiating the salary at a new role—if you don’t ask for more money, you‘ll be less likely to receive it by default!

Make your money automatic.


One of the most challenging aspects of saving money is actually remembering to do so. Thankfully, modern technology offers a simple solution in the form of technology. In fact, you can automate your money beyond savings, too! Schedule a chunk of time to implement autopay on your regular bills and set up your accounts to send a certain amount to savings with each paycheck. Even just a few dollars will add up and you’re practically guaranteed to save more money when it’s transferring on your behalf!

Making and saving more money certainly takes a bit of effort, but it’s far from impossible. With a few tips in mind, you can find new ways to transform your finances—and even the smallest changes can make a significant difference. Whether you’re starting a side hustle or buying items below their sale price, these steps can point you in the right direction. You may very well find that improving your finances, even in just these small ways, can completely change your life.

By Manali