Growing weed isn’t nearly as complicated as some people make it out to be. It’s called “weed” for a reason, after all. Cannabis is a resilient plant that can grow under diverse conditions, making it easy to grow for beginners.

However, that doesn’t mean you should jump straight into growing your own weed without any knowledge. Despite marijuana’s resilience, it still needs some extra attention and care to thrive. So, before you search for a complete guide on how to grow weed, check out these tips for beginners.

Before you start growing, make sure it’s legal.

The first tip to growing weed for beginners is probably the most important. Make sure that it’s legal to grow marijuana in your home before planting seeds. As of this writing, 19 states have legalized growing marijuana at home. However, some states require a medical marijuana card to grow at home.

So, you should always double-check that it’s legal to grow at home in your state, what requirements your state has to do so, and what your state’s plant limit is.

Germinate your seeds before planting them in the soil.


It’s an excellent idea to germinate your marijuana seeds before you plant them. Germinating your seeds will set them up for success before you’ve even started. In addition, doing so will allow your seeds to develop a strong root so the plant can get plenty of water and nutrients as it grows.

There are several methods for germinating your seeds. The most popular is the paper towel method. First, moisten a paper towel with water and place the seeds on it directly. You don’t want the paper towel saturated, only dampened. After placing your seeds, fold the paper towel’s other half over the seeds. Next, place the folded paper towel in a resealable plastic bag and store it somewhere dark and warm. Check your paper towel periodically to ensure it stays moist. After around a week, you should notice your seeds germinating. Once they’ve germinated, they’re ready to plant.

Separate the males and females quickly.


When it comes to growing cannabis, there’s no fraternization allowed. Therefore, you need to keep your male and female plants separate to maximize your yield after harvesting. If you keep male plants in the same room as females, they will pollinate them, meaning you’ll wind up with buds full of seeds and practically unusable.

Furthermore, male plants don’t produce buds. Therefore, they’re of no use unless you plan on pollinating a female plant to get more seeds for future generations. The best way to avoid male plants being an issue altogether is to buy feminized seeds exclusively. This way, you know your plants won’t be pollinating each other and ruining your yield.

Ventilate your plants to keep them healthy and reduce odors.


Let’s face it: Marijuana plants put off some powerful odors. Enough so that when you’re growing indoors, you’ll soon find your whole place smelling like weed. Therefore, installing a small ventilation system or using an exhaust fan to filter the plant’s natural smell out of your house is helpful.

Proper ventilation isn’t just for the smell, however. It’s a critical part of keeping your plants healthy. Poor airflow in your grow room or grow tent can lead to mold growth among your cannabis plants. Mold on your cannabis isn’t as simple as clipping that part off and moving forward. If mold starts growing on one plant, the spores will spread to every plant in that space. So, even if you don’t see significant growth in your other plants, they’re still contaminated. Not to mention, it should go without saying that your plants’ buds are unusable if they’ve been exposed to mold.

Use these tips to make the most of your first growing cycle.

It may not be a complete growing guide, but these tips are sure to help you in your marijuana growing journey. So, don’t forget to check the legalities before you get started, and remember to have fun with it.

By Manali