Most of the Ajrakh blouses are of cotton and handmade. That’s why every woman’s love this . Clothes are women’s best friend. Every girl out there can relate to this , love towards clothes can never be broken. 

Wearing blouses is women’s culture and womens of every culture and religion wear blouses . Every girl looks beautiful in a blouse .

About Ajrak clothes

Ajrakh printed blouse designs are extremely simple and yet super stylish. If you have bought any Cotton saree but you are confused about what blouse to wear then any of these blouses will be best. Ajrakh clothes are very soft and comfortable to wear . It is a unique form of block printing with natural dyes in sindh, pakistan and displays amazing designs and patterns made up by the help of block printing by stamps. If you have any designer lehengas and want a basic yet Heavy print work then Paisley with a half sleeves blouse will be the best match. The black colour and bold patterns of blouses will attract many people in every function you will go ,one of the best parts about these blouses are they are handmade and are done by natural dyes.

Multiple colour printed ajrakh blouses design

Amazing multiple colour printed designs every girl has this unique blouse. Multi color is the best of all blouses because it can go with any colour of saree or any material . You can wear this type of blouse in any weather like summer, winter,fall and spring . different types of printed work all over the blouse are looking very beautiful and attractive . Multiple colours are eye catchy and can grab all attention towards you.

Floral ajrakh printed blouse design

Comfort and style is the best combination if you are not comfortable in clothes which you are wearing then you will feel very uncomfortable the whole day but when you wear your favourite dress you feel confident and it also brings a natural glow to your face. This design is very attractive and unique with a combination of two colours and two different types of patterns. Half sleeves with quatrefoil print pattern. Best for occasion and any special festival.

Solid black floral and unique floral printed patterns

Black colour is the bold and suits bold girls , a very unique combination of red and black floral type of design. Highlighted red part on the front of the blouse will attract everyone towards you. Round back design with off sleeves can Pair up with jet black saree of silk or cotton .

“V” necks are the cutest and it’s trending also. The uniqueness of this blouse design will attract everyone in the party if paired up with heavy pearl jewelry .

Dark brown mountain neck printed blouse design

Very stylish and eye-catching printed design all over the blouse. Floral designs are the best and the trend of these designs are never going to end at all. Women have been wearing these types of designs for  many years and in this generation it’s also trending. Half sleeves design with mounting type of cut work is very classy. Pair this with only earrings and bangles because there is already too much work on the neck side. Best for wedding’s and family functions.


If you have to enhance your overall personality without wasting any money on heavy clothes then buy an Ajrakblouse. It would work in very classy designs, attractive, affordable, best quality and materials,bold colours and many more , all colours are available with beautiful printed work of ancient times .  If you want to enhance and give it a western touch in Indian clothes then wear light silver plated jewellery and it will change your overall personality and look. Elegant jewellery and Ajrak blouses are the best combination and can never be wrong. Women’s are like queen’s and every queen is beautiful in every way .

By Manali

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