If your company has fallen into a rut with the same old meeting structures and routines, it may be time to try something different. Whether you’ve heard of a zoom immersive view backgrounds download before or whether you’re inexperienced with remote meetings video technology, trying out an immersive Zoom meeting could be a fun way to get in touch with your employees who are working from home and catch up on important to-do list items while breaking out of the usual mold. Here’s what these immersive meetings are, how you can set one up, and why trying one could be well worth your time and effort.

What Is An Immersive Meeting?

If you’ve used an office background for zoom before, you may already have some familiarity with the basic concept of an immersive meeting. In short, this type of Zoom meeting:

  • Allows all members of the meeting to appear in one virtual space, as though they were in the same room
  • Creates a more personal feel that can foster professional relationships and a sense of close-knit community within your company
  • Gives a fun twist to Zoom meetings and helps spruce up otherwise bland video calls

Tips For Running Your Meeting

When you’re getting ready to host your first immersive meeting, you may be concerned about the meeting going smoothly, even if you’ve used zoom backgrounds on mac before. To start up an immersive meeting, you’ll need to:

  • Enable the immersive view feature or locate it within the software, depending on the type of Zoom account you have
  • Ask all meeting participants to ensure that their Zoom software is up to date
  • Add up to 25 participants and check the preview to ensure everything looks correct before launching the immersive view
  • Choose the type of virtual background you would prefer to set the tone for the meeting
  • Avoid sharing your screen, since this will make the immersive view temporarily disappear

There are also a few handy tips that can help ensure your meeting doesn’t go off the rails. Before you open up the session to all participants, make sure to:

  • Ask all participants to add their names to their Zoom profile to avoid confusion
  • Mute participants’ audio while presenting and request that they click the “raise hand” button before speaking
  • Create a waiting room if you’re not ready to start the meeting at the scheduled time
  • Use scheduling software to help keep the meeting brief and on track

The next time your business is searching for an effective and fun way to run a meeting that remote workers will actually enjoy attending, you may want to give serious consideration to hosting an immersive Zoom meeting. This unique meeting type allows all of your workers to appear to be in one place on screen, which can help facilitate communications and lend a lighthearted vibe to the meeting. If you’re thinking about running your first immersive meeting, be sure to follow these valuable tips to ensure it goes smoothly.

By Manali