Technology has made our lives more convenient and useful by changing the way we go about our daily lives. It has not only made everything faster but also more comfortable. And, as we progress in our lives, technology improves as well. We are surrounded by technology everywhere we look, so we can’t deny that we are dependent on one or more forms of technology. If we talk about how technology has improved our life, the list of advantages does not end here. Technology alters the world in several ways, and this essay has concentrated on the fundamental aspect of our everyday lives that has been enhanced by technology.

As we continue to discuss how technology has improved our lives, we must remember that every coin has two sides, and modern technology is no exception. It has brought both benefits and drawbacks to our lives. If technology has immediately connected us to the rest of the world, it has also exposed us to the possibility of cybercrime, identity theft, and so on.

Here are six ways that technology is changing our lives.

What Exactly Is Technology?

Any application that is built or constructed utilizing applied science/math to solve a problem inside a society is referred to as technology. This can include agricultural methods from ancient civilizations as well as computing technologies from more modern times. Ancient technologies such as the calculator, compass, calendar, batteries, ships, or chariots are examples of technology, as are current technologies such as computers, robots, tablets, printers, and fax machines. Sophisticated Blockchain technologies, smart cities, more advanced smart gadgets, quantum computers, quantum encryption, and advanced Artificial Intelligence are examples of future technology.

Healthcare: More Virtual and AI-driven


Health-care technology is proven to be advantageous to both patients and doctors. Companies in the dentistry business, such as EZ Smile, are making it simpler for people to obtain oral healthcare goods without the need for face-to-face consultations.

Telemedicine, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques help to unlock massive amounts of healthcare data for virtual patient connectivity and dosage error reduction. Robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing, health monitoring tools, and healthcare apps are transforming the healthcare industry. Cannabis trends will reign supreme in 2021, with more individuals able to purchase legal cannabis and CBD products from the comfort of their own homes.

Online Shopping: Simple Transactions and Fast Delivery


Everything from groceries, books, electronics, cellphones, 6d faux mink eyelashes in bulk, and pet care is now just a click away. Cash invoices have evolved into paperless billing, and e-commerce allows customers to buy and pay utility bills online and at any time. Busy parents may buy world-class branded toys and cakes for their children quickly without having to wait in long lines at distant department stores.

It’s even possible to pay for products with just your smartphone. When you use Apple Pay or Google Wallet, you don’t need to bring cash with you when you go shopping. These apps securely connect your bank account to your phone. The same machines that accept credit cards at stores now accept mobile payments from your phone.

Telecommuting: Working From Home


Working from home has become the new standard. According to an Enterprise Technology Research survey, the percentage of people who work from home will more than double by 2021. Because telecommuting requires less office space, the emphasis will be on virtual employee engagement to increase job excitement and performance. Work done rather than hours worked will receive more attention within organizations. Employee efficiency is being maximized by remote employee management tools such as Timely. WFH also contributes to less pollution and fewer accidents and injuries on the road.

Agriculture Mechanization


With the mechanization of agriculture, ancient gardening practices have undergone radical change. Mechanization simply implies that equipment and technical systems (including robots) have taken the role of traditional farming methods such as work animals and physical labor. This has resulted in more mechanized, high-efficiency agriculture operations, resulting in significantly more abundant food supplies for a greater number of people.

Bonding Through Social Networking Virtually


Message sharing is being redefined by modern social applications such as Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. Traditional methods such as the telephone and fax have evolved into Email, Skype, Zoom, and more creative ways for people to stay connected. The epidemic has brought families, individuals, and businesspeople closer together. This demonstrates the potential of technology in bringing people together and closing gaps. Personal feuds in friends and family can be avoided by using shared calendars.

Transportation Enhancement


While it is still possible to walk to most areas on Earth, the invention of trains, buses, automobiles, aircraft, speed boats, and other modes of transportation has enabled people to get to and from their desired location in considerably less time. Add to that ridesharing applications like Uber and Grab, which have made it exceedingly simple to go to a place fast and cheaply. Because infrastructure is the backbone of every civilization, which encompasses both telecommunication and transportation networks, the growth of these systems has played a significant role in shaping the contemporary world.


Many more technological breakthroughs are in the works to make your life easier, more convenient, and less stressful. Keep an eye out for new items and advances on the internet and among your travelling friends.

By Manali