Wedding quotes for the son

Every big moment of happiness leads to a celebration in your life. And celebration means sharing your happiness with close ones. So, this big day needs to be special and memorable forever. With focusing on every minute detail, you mustn’t want to miss any corner of the party to make it radiant and glamorous.

The first and foremost thing you do is to make a guest list and send invitations. To stand out as unique, you can personalize your designs for the invitation cards. Mostly, people don’t pay a lot of attention to the invitation cards but keep in mind that beautiful invitation cards are appreciated by the guests. While making a checklist for the arrangements, take out a few more hours for designing the remarkable invitation cards.

The invitation cards must contain the following information for any kind of event-

  1. A heading written in beautiful calligraphy that clearly describes what the celebration is for
  2. Name of the person for whom the celebration is, including the name of the parents
  3. Venue and date of the celebration
  4. Start time of the celebration

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Now the fundamentals are done. It’s time to add your creativity to the cards. Here are a few unique ideas to make your invitation cards stand out:

  1. Give a texture to the card rather than using a flat sheet of paper– After deciding the dimensions of the cards, add a texture to your cards. Give an additional finish to your card by printing the cards embossed or letterpressed with designs on a high-quality piece of paper. This gives a unique texture to the cards.
  1. Give a subtle colour to the card– A card must give an appealing appearance to the guests. A colour scheme sets a tone and tells the nature of your invitation. Rather than going vibrant and glossy with the colour, try out something different like light or extra dark colour. Combine a specific set of colours so that the card doesn’t look too dull or too bright in colour.
  1. Use a combination of high-quality calligraphy– A card must be easily readable to everyone as it describes the details of your event. Find the fonts that go with the vibe and stick to it to give the card an elegant look. Two or fewer fonts would be great. Avoid keeping the letters too close.
  1. Inscribe your emotions but don’t crowd the cards– Apart from information, you can add an extra page for the best wishes. If there is a wedding, add wedding quotes for the son and his bride or wedding quotes for the daughter and her groomand the good luck from the parents is acknowledged by the guests. For the birthday’s print the best wishes on the cards. Also, don’t forget to thank your guests in the invitation cards. This could be something you can add on.
  1. Aligning of texts defines the true essence of the invitations– Align your text in a way that it doesn’t look too crowded. Keeping text in the middle of the cards gives a complete balance look to your cards because the invitations don’t contain long and heavy parts.
  2. Play with the templates– The templates give the perfect vibes of the celebration. Keep the templates according to the type of celebration you are planning for.

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