Every building needs to be fumigated to maintain the aesthetics, structure, and even sound health of the inhabitants. If you wish to exterminate pests from your home or office, contact A1 Pest Control & Bed Bugs | Extermination in Temecula.

Pest infestation always leaves a mark in your home, which you can easily recognize. Here are tips that signify you need pest control.

Why You Need Pest Control

Sometimes you overlook salient signs that point towards the presence of some pests in your home or office. Additionally, pest control may not be efficient except when done by a professional exterminator. 

Salient reasons why you need pest control. 

  1. Odd Sounds 

Waking up to weird sounds from your kitchen, wardrobe, or even the ceiling makes you uncomfortable and unprotected. The noise you hear depends on the type of pest in your home. 

Rodents like rats and mice will always make scratching and scuttling sounds. 

For bats or other birds, you hear a flapping or pecking sound in the ceiling from their wings and mouth, respectively. Hearing any noise related to this points to the fact that your house has been invaded, and you need pest control immediately. 

  1. Dent on Property

This is one sign that your house is infested by pests, though this characteristic feature is not common with all pests. Rodents like mice and rats will burrow through the ground, walls, or any thick material they find. 

They can also chew edible and inedible materials in your home, like books, curtains, foodstuff, wires, or wood. 

Tiny holes on wooden doors can be caused by insects like carpenter bees, termites, or carpenter ants. 

Pests always leave a mark or a damaged material to show their presence. If you see weird ruptures and debris, consider contacting a pest exterminator before more damage is done. 

  1. Pest Droppings

Like other living organisms, pests lass out feces or shed off materials from their body. Seeing feathers and some greenish droppings denotes there are birds in the ceiling. The feces of rats and mice are dark in color, small-sized, differing shapes, and have a bad odor. 

Note that insects like termites have droppings with a grain-like structure and unpleasant smells with different colors based on their diet. 

While roaches droppings don’t possess any odor, it has a coffee ground shape. Any of these you get to find in your home, you know there is a need for pest control. 

  1. Presence of Anthills

This obvious sign tells you to need a professional pest exterminator. Ants may not pose a serious challenge outside your home, but if they find their way into your house, they leave cracks on the floor and pollute exposed foodstuffs. 

If you find any anthill in your house, reach out to a pest control agent. 

  1. Ladybugs

Some insects feed on others, which means that having such an insect in your home entails that there are so many others hidden somewhere. 

Ladybugs feast on plant-sucking insects, mites, and whiteflies inclusive. If you’ve noticed ladybugs in your home, you need a pest exterminator. 

  1. Detecting Pests Yourself

You can detect pests while sitting on the couch, reading, or eating. Especially at night, pests like bats, roaches, and other winged insects find their way out to scout for food. 

Also, ants can feed on uncovered food and sugary substances or crawl on your shelves in the pantry.

You can pull up your bed sheet and find bed bugs underneath your mattress. Spotting pests in your house gives you first-hand experience, don’t go around chasing them. Find a pest exterminator, this is how you can guarantee desired results.

By Manali