People, especially kids, play Roblox a lot, it’s an online social platform where you can take part in games and activities other users have designed. You can also create your own games, dress up your avatar, decorate your house, and chat with friends.

There have also been complaints from parents that the Roblox account is interfering with their everyday lives. Parents worry that social features may lead their children to be susceptible to online predators, or simply that they will see content that is not appropriate for their age group.

Roblox account offers parental control features that let parents limit what words and phrases their children are allowed to see, but some parents do not feel that this is sufficient, and parents may choose to delete their child’s account.

How to Delete A Roblox Account?

A guide to deleting Roblox accounts

The Roblox website does not have a simple delete button for users or parents to delete accounts. It is possible to remove your Roblox account permanently using any one of three methods. They are all equally viable. No other method will work on the Internet so you can trust us to help.

Email support

Whenever you want to delete your Roblox account, simply contact the company’s customer support team by email at and request that it be deleted. Moreover, because they will not delete your account without having verified that it belongs to you, you should also include your name, email, and address for identification.

Call customer service

A phone call is a quicker way to delete your account, and you won’t have to wait for emails to be answered back and forth. Dial 888-858-2569 to speak to a representative.

Remain inactive for a year

Idle accounts are permanently deleted by Roblox to allow space on its servers for new players. If you have not logged in to your account for one year, your account will be deleted. Once an account has been deleted, it is extremely difficult to retrieve it once it has been deleted.

So before using any of these methods, take note that you might not be able to get it back once it’s been deleted. When there has been a misunderstanding, people have been able to recover their information in rare cases, but Roblox doesn’t usually restore deleted accounts.


In addition, if you are particularly worried about Roblox being able to see your personal information, there is another method you can use. However, this only works for users from countries inside the European Union. Roblox allows its users to request a GDPR filing and see all the personal data it has on them.

Once you have any information you need, you have the option to request that those details be deleted. The process of removing your personal data is lengthy and is recommended only if you are concerned about your privacy.

I hope you were able to delete your Roblox account successfully. Thank you very much for using this guide. Did you find this helpful?

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