The iPhones are largely used by the individuals of all the age groups. These are used by the corporate professionals and kids in the household as well. But there are some problems as well that are posed by the excessive use of the smartphones in the recent times.

These problems are most significantly related to the kids and businesses. The kids nowadays are on the verge of getting impacted and contacted by the cybercriminals they are bullied and harassed by them online, which massively impacts their social and moral standing.

On the other hand, the business owners find their businesses in the problem due to the involvement of their employees in unproductive activities using iPhone. The solution to the discussed problems is the use of the iPhone spy app. The ,best spy app for iPhone nowadays is TheOneSpy. The key offerings of the spy app are as follows.

best spy app for iPhone

Screen recording feature of TheOneSpy

The screen recording feature of the spy app allows the end-user to get a clear view of all the activities that are performing on the iPhone screen in the real-time. The best spy app for iPhone actually records the live performing activities in the form of short clips, subject to customization as per requirement.

The customization can be done by logging on to the online dashboard of the spy app. The clips can be of short duration, can be of 3, 5, and 10 minutes, as prescribed by the end-user.

Using this very feature, the parent will be able to identify the true spirit of activities that is taken up by the child over the phone screen. The child’s activities while using social media and other internet communication mediums can be tracked.

Besides this, the employer can have an insightful view of all the activities of the employee during working hours by using the same feature. The recorded short videos can be viewed by the employer through the web portal of the spy app.

Surround recording feature

This feature of the iPhone spy app TheOneSpy is truly amazing. The spy app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone to know what is happening around the target phone in real-time, thus providing a fair insight and view and view of all the surrounding whereabouts.

The feature is primarily used by the working and single parents who cannot pay much attention to monitoring kids. The parents can turn the mic on at any point of the time remotely, to know about the surrounding sounds.

Moreover, the surrounding physical activities get recorded in the form of short clips, and these clips are saved to the online dashboard.

The surround recording feature of the best spy app for iPhone is vitally significant in negating the issues of workplace sexual harassment. The employer can log and trace back to the certain point of time and its surroundings to know about the actual happenings if the female worker reports of the immoral activity.

Productive and unproductive tabs

This feature is mainly used by the employers while tracking the productivity of their employees. The employers can assign a number of tabs as productive or unproductive. By doing so, the spy app for iPhone generates a log of all the activities that are taken up while using such tabs.

The feature tracks the time spent while using such tabs as well, which reflects the true pattern of activities during working hours.

Geo-fencing the movement

The geo-fencing feature enables assigning the allowed and restricted areas for a visit by the target user. The parent can use this feature for restricting the kid from getting into crime-prone areas that can affect the overall quality of life of the child.

Every time the child tries to get into such forbidden zones, the end-user gets a notification through the email. The feature records all the movement of the target user in the form of a log and saves the log to the online dashboard.

The employer can restrict the movement of the target employees to the competitor’s place to protect the business secrets and confidentialities.


The best spy app for iPhone nowadays is TheOneSpy. It has a number of promising features that benefit the parents and employers as well.

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