Men’s health needs help. Across the United States, men of all ages are hiding health conditions and issues that they don’t want to talk about. Part of the issue is accessibility – it’s expensive and time-consuming to make a doctor’s appointment. However, part of the issue is cultural. Men don’t feel comfortable talking about their health concerns and having honest conversations.

It’s time to overcome these obstacles and help men speak up. Here are a few ways for men to take their health back.

Start asking questions.

Too often, men bottle up their concerns or worries. They want to appear strong or smart, which is why they don’t ask questions or confess any problems they are having. However, it’s time for this to change. One of the best things you can do as a man is to ask questions. Talk to a professional about your baldness or ask questions about erectile dysfunction. You can lessen your worries and get the answers you need.

Frankly, you aren’t the first man to experience the problems you are facing. Hundreds of men have likely been through what you are dealing with. If you aren’t sure who to talk to in person, turn to reliable online sources. Websites like Quintessential Man cover a variety of men’s issues—many of which most men are too afraid to talk about.

See a doctor regularly.

Most men don’t visit the doctor unless there is a serious problem. However, skipping regular visits could negatively impact your health. Your doctor can’t pick up on problems early on and can’t track your medical history. When something serious happens, other medical professionals won’t know how to treat you.

Set aside time at least annually to meet with a doctor. You can even use a telehealth company if you don’t want to visit a doctor’s office. Be honest about any issues you have – your doctor is more concerned about your health than your embarrassment.

If you do need to start on a course of meds, you might be able to order your prescription one. Check out this Rex Md review to understand the process of using an online service to get your prescription drugs.

What matters is you get treatment for any conditions you have, whether that means signing up for telehealth or visiting your local pharmacy.

Change your health products.

Evaluate the products you use every day. Are they actually helping you? It may be time to look into new options that boost your health without any side effects.

Any time you get a new product, make sure it is approved by the FDA. Many dietary supplements are not reviewed by the FDA, which means you don’t know for sure what is in them.

In addition to reviewing your health products, ask your doctor before you start any treatment plans. Just because you can buy something on the internet doesn’t mean you should. This also applies to items that your friends recommend. Each body is different and something that works for your brother or coworker might not help you.

Focus on what you put in and around your body each day. The items you think are helping you could actually be causing harm.

Getting treated for health problems in the U.S. is more accessible than ever. You can sign up for an online visit to your doctor and skip the pharmacy in favor of mail-order meds. However, before you can seek help for what is bothering you, you need to feel comfortable talking about it. If you speak up about your blood pressure concerns or male pattern baldness, other men will join the conversation. It’s time for men to stop being silent and to start seeking help.

By Manali