Was there ever a time you daydream about founding a well-established business that makes you climb the corporate ladder of success from rags to riches? Being the chief executive officer (CEO) of a renowned company is no joke. It takes real sweat and blood to pull the whole thing off, realize your dream, and keep the business running amidst these challenging times.

Well, while this may seem too impossible to reach, there are still successful individuals who rose to fame in the fashion industry and have made billions of dollars as fashion CEOs of clothing brands and luxury garments. Not only do they make exemplary revenues, but these fashion CEOs were also able to make a lasting impact and contribution to the industry. https://webmobistar.com/the-trough-urinal-interesting-facts-you-probably-didnt-know/

A Sneak Peek On Inspirational Fashion CEOs’ Stories

We are bringing you moving stories of fashion executives that will indeed amaze you right where you are. Get to know these fashion CEOs who thrived more in the middle of the messy crisis we are all in. While most are afraid to take the risk, these people have braved the pandemic and taken a step forward in the fashion industry.

Meet Eli Zied: The Teenage Fashion CEO Advocating Good Habits

You probably focused on your academic standing, on your fancy fashion makeovers and backyard barbecue hangouts in your seventeens, but not this guy. At 17, senior high school student  Eli Zied founded Habits 365. It is utterly surprising how he was able to manage both with confidence, and without compromising the other. Awesome, isn’t it?

Having the entrepreneurial mindset at the age of 12, Zied started buying and reselling sneakers which sparked the flame for his interest in building his own brand. Thereafter, he followed streetwear fashion brands such as Bape and Supreme thus setting the kind of fashion sense he would want to cultivate and flourish in his own brand.

It was August 2017 when he pushed through a concept for a lifestyle brand that will be relatable to everyone, simply to increase his target market and be extraordinary in the industry. One interesting marketing strategy that he did was to ask his classmates and colleagues to be brand ambassadors or to be models for the apparel. His teachers have also been giving him great advice alongside the business thriving.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Zied said, “Everybody has habits, but not all of them are necessarily positive,” he says. “Habits dictate your life, and the better your habits are, the more successful you will be in the long run. I believe that one day, Habits 365 will be one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world. We have a strong, relatable message to everybody who wants to improve and get better in whatever they do, every day, 365 days a year.”

Further, if you happen to visit their site, you’d see that the first-ever Habits 365 NFT Collab is now available for a limited time! https://gonewstech.com/a-rainbow-jelly-boba-is-something-you-need-to-see-to-believe/

By Manali