Outlook is the ideal platform for anyone who uses it to send and receive email. There are many outlook errors that could cause problems. This is the right place for you if this is your situation. We are going to discuss some solutions and errors.

Solutions and Errors:-

Error [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f] :

PST corruption is when a user encounters this error. This error code will appear if PST corruption has occurred. It is the data file containing all the items in the outlook mailbox. A user will have to fix this issue if their Outlook profile’s associated PST gets corrupted. You can fix the PST-connection issue by using third-party software or a manual approach.

Clear/move email from outlook folder:

Outlook can malfunction if there’s too much data. It is necessary to delete unnecessary files from both the trash folder and outlook at that time. Examine whether there are any duplicates. It will optimize performance and Outlook users will be able use it smoothly.

Reinstall Outlook:

If it is not working, uninstall your favorite outlook and try again. There may be some errors during installation that can be fixed by following the instructions. The installation process is the best option if outlook crashed.

Review the antivirus settings

Antivirus is used to scan email messages. In that case, the user should check the antivirus settings to scan the emails. Some default features or configurations in the antivirus can restrict Outlook’s connection to the server. It is possible to disable the antivirus temporarily, or adjust the settings so that you don’t have to go through the same headache.

Delete suspicious emails from your mailboxIf you find a damaged message within your mailbox, there are two options:

  • Speak to your ISP about deleting any suspicious email.
  • By accessing your mailbox via the Web-based email program provided by your ISP, you can delete any suspicious email.

These are the errors and solutions a user could consider to use it effectively.

By Manali