Understandably, the last few years were rather chaotic ones where most of us were trying to settle and adjust to a changing world affected by the pandemic. With the New Year just around the corner, many of us are all pumped to take a fresh start at the New Year. That said, while people are busy jotting down their New Year resolutions that revolve around productivity, efficient time management, and a healthier lifestyle, we recommend focusing on behavioral health and mental wellbeing as well.

Here are some efficient New Year resolutions that revolve around mental health.

Avoid Alcohol

Your list of New Year resolutions should include avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. While these substances might be a potential stress-reliever, they are extremely damaging for your physical and mental health. Numerous research has been published that indicate that alcohol is a depressant that can make the consumer feel low, depressed, and anxious. Depending on the type of alcohol, it might affect your mental health, which is why you should work on getting rid of alcohol altogether. Excessive alcohol can cause cancer – if this happens, you might want to visit the cancer center

Move to Feel Better

Did you know that walking and daily physical activity can make you feel instantly better? The last two years have been heavy on you due to the globally imposed lockdowns, work-from-home rules, and the general pandemic blues. That said, with remote learning and remote work as the new norm, we don’t move as much as we once used to, which is why many of us feel emotionally and mentally sluggish.

To improve your emotional, mental, and physical well-being, you should move more and sit less. If you are working, take a break every two hours to walk around. If you cannot join the gym and indulge in a heavy workout session, you might want to go for a brisk walk in the nearby park – you will see a massive difference in the way you feel and think.

Get Enough Rest

Getting enough rest is essential for boosting your mental health; hence, make it an essential part of your resolutions for the New Year. Do you know why a seven-hour sleep is important? It allows your mind to rest so that you feel refreshed the next morning? Besides, getting enough sleep is also important if you want to delay aging.

If you have other goals to reach, you might want to pay special attention to your sleeping pattern. We recommend going to bed early and waking up early to make the most of the day. Your goal should be to seize the day and make the most of it instead of allowing the day to seize you!

Become Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Our brain is wired in a way that keeps us safe and comfortable. This is also the primary reason people get sad and depressed when they have to do things differently or when they face an unfamiliar situation. We recommend training your mind to do the unthinkable and unexpected by developing resilience. And the number one way to do so is becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

By Manali

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