Set up in the center of London, Kings Cross Station is a train station with plenty of things to do in the neighborhood that it inhabits.

With the daunting factor of Londo being one of the major metropolitan cities in the world, getting some assistance in navigating this central station with the spare time you may have there if you are from out of town makes perfect sense.

Have no fear; just get your baggage secured safely in luggage storage in Kings Cross Station, and now you can move with much less weighing you down properly enjoy your surroundings.

Travel on the Harry Potter Platform

If you or someone you are traveling with happens to be a Harry Potter fan, you may already know that Kings Cross Train Station is where Harry would enter Platform 9 3/4 to leave the Muggle world behind and head over to Hogwarts.

This makes Platform 9 3/4 a great photo opportunity and an official Harry Potter Store within the Station itself, so you can grab a wizard wand souvenir to add some memorable treasures that can only be experienced at King’s Cross Station.

Restaurants in King’s Cross

If you suddenly feel overwhelmed by hunger in Kings Cross, you will have that issue absolutely taken care of relatively quickly, thanks to the fact that there are a whole heap of restaurants to choose from.

You could go over to German Gymnasiumbetween St. Pancras and King’s Cross Station for some tasty lamb for dinner.

If it isn’t dinner time for you at the moment, you can go to Plum and Spilt Milk, and they have a menu for every meal of the day to meet your needs.

If you want to go a little bit more London with your dining, you can have some traditional pie and mash at Piebury Corner (Caledonian Road) and have some of that pie that they whip up fresh daily.

The beauty of the Piebury Corner experience is that it isn’t the time of eating establishments where you need to get all dressed up in your very best outfit.

This casually informal location allows you to go with the flow and not have to stop what you are doing in order to enjoy some pleasurable comfort food. 

Magic Circle Show

Once you have your hunger pains in check, take all that rejuvenated energy and head over to The Magic Circle, which happens to be one of the world’s most famous magic societies where the tricks behind the magic tricks are held.

With around 1,500 worldwide magicians, it is literally a dream come true for the inner magician in you, especially after enjoying some of that Harry Potter wizard nostalgia at King’s Cross Station.

Have the chance to wander around and learn more about this mesmerizing secret society of magicians.

You can also gain a rare glimpse during one of their weekly shows or ‘Monday morning magic’ events.

Afternoon Tea

If you are looking to get a refreshing cup of tea from a place that isn’t just some fast food establishment that you could visit on and regular day, go spend a little time at the Fortnum & Mason Tea Salon and enjoy the British tradition of tea drinking and nibbling on tasty scones, all within the area of King’s Cross.

Noot, only will you be able to enjoy some warm and lovely Afternoon Delights, but you can also have some of their own bespoke Fortnum and Mason brand tea blends, along with those homemade scones and cucumber sandwiches with smoked salmon.

Gagosian Gallery

Why go all the way to London without treating yourself to some art exhibits in a world-class environment such as The Gagosian Gallery?

Located on Britannia Street, The Gagosian Gallery is among the finest places to explore if you are truly a fond admirer of art, or even more so if you fancy yourself as an artist yourself and would love some inspiration.

If the name Gagosian sounds familiar, it is because The Gagosian Gallery is one of 16 spaces in the world that famous art dealer Larry Gagosian owns, including five locations in New York City, 16 gallery spaces: five in New York City; three total in London; two in Paris; and one in Rome, Athens, Basel, Beverly Hills, Geneva and Hong Kong.

For Avid Readers

If you are a book lover, then you should go right over to the British Library while you are spending time at King’s Cross, which houses every single published book in the United Kingdom.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, The British Library is among the largest libraries in the entire world, with an estimated collection of between 170 and 200 million items from numerous countries.

As you can see, whatever your thing is, from food and tea to books and art, you can get it all done when traveling through King’s Cross Station.

By Manali