Obtaining a legal representative in a criminal case is critical. As a human being, you have the right to call an attorney who will defend you, even more so in self-defense and false accusation instances. Criminal laws are frequently inapplicable in most cases; however, a lawyer might be crucial in bolstering your case with facts and proof from past patients. Since each jurisdiction has its own set of procedures and case rules, seeking justice requires the assistance of a qualified, educated, and experienced criminal defense attorney.

A criminal defense lawyer, such as Sean Fagan Criminal Defence can provide illegal services for personal defense by utilizing the most effective criminal defense tactics. It is prudent to retain the services of a lawyer for personal protection. The primary goal of choosing a competent criminal defense attorney is to educate you about your rights and the constitution’s ability to protect you as an individual.

The following are some of the criminal defense services available for individual cases:

Prove Of Innocence

A criminal defense attorney’s role is to represent you in court and establish your innocence. The primary goal is to assemble evidence to refute your charges in court. Proving your innocence is a sort of self-defense that requires certain defense methods. A competent defense attorney will not only present evidence in court but will also perform the following tasks:

Use of Alibi

An alibi demonstrates to the prosecutor that you did not commit the crime, for example, through surveillance footage, mobile phone records, travel receipts or witness evidence. Alibis are pretty successful, mainly when used in conjunction with credible evidence.

Strong Valid Evidence

Your lawyer will follow up on the investigation and gather every detail that would act as evidence. Some of the most accurate proof include DNA results or equipment found at the crime scene before the incident. Evidence is effective in proving innocence but should be supported with alibis, criminal laws, and case laws. 

Stand Against False Allegations

A professional criminal defense lawyer will use skills, knowledge, and expertise to prove that the allegations are false. The lawyer can do this by applying available la sin the constitution or case laws that challenge the general unfair criminal laws. 

Plead For Self-Defense

A qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in pleading self-defense in instances when you were forced to kill to preserve your life. While self-defense may be a simple process, it cannot be easy. With the assistance of a skilled attorney, winning a self-defense lawsuit and obtaining justice can be pretty straightforward. A criminal defense attorney must perform extensive preparation to substantiate the self-defense claim to provide self-defense services. Among the self-defense tactics that a good lawyer should possess are the following:

  •  Seek criminal record of the defendant
  •  Police credibility and reports
  •  Police errors and misconduct
  •  Physical evidence
  • The credibility of the defendant’s explanation of the case
  • Witnesses 
  •  Statutes crime elements to prove the case wrong

However, not every time can self-defense be used as an individual defense in court. There are some cases where self-defense cannot be applicable, for instance;

  •  If the defendant provoked the fight
  •  If the force and tactics used by the defendant are riskier than those used by an attacker.
  •  Continuing using energy even after the attack
  •  Failing to withdraw from the fight when there was a chance.

Protect You From Contradictions And Constitutional Inconsistency 

Often, judges and police officers disregard their responsibilities or fail to obey the legal laws as outlined in the constitution. The constitution’s first amendment safeguards individuals’ rights to expression, freedom, and religion. If the police violate your Miranda rights or the court violates your right to an attorney, the court is held liable for constitutional violations. It is an attorney’s responsibility to ensure that you obtain complete ownership and protect yourself from harassment.

If constitutional violations are discovered, the court may dismiss the charges or impose a light sentence. The following are a few examples of constitutional infractions that your attorney can help you overcome;

Arrest and interrogation by police without a warrant

Taking evidence from a defendant without their consent

Not mentioning Miranda rights

Purchasing fabricated confessions

A qualified attorney with experience in personal defense will assist you in obtaining justice even if your custody is delayed or your bail is denied.

It is critical to develop a relationship with your attorney to protect your future from unjust treatment. Numerous individuals are serving life sentences in prison due to false accusations and constitutional violations. Not all lawyers will encourage you to rob a bank; some are affordable and zealous in their pursuit of justice. Obtaining an excellent criminal defense attorney is critical for defending your life against injustice.

By Manali