A chest is a multifunctional piece of furniture that’s also stylish. Most often found in bedrooms, they can be used in any room of the home to help with organization. They can also be used in the bedroom in non-traditional ways to bring some character to the space.

A small three-drawer chest looks great next to a bed. That’s right, replace your standard nightstand with a chest of drawers if your space permits. They add a nice balance and provide way more storage than a nightstand. The surface space allows you to keep more items on top. You won’t have to concern yourself with finding a lamp with a narrow base as you would with a nightstand.

A chest bench is long and deep, which is perfect for storing bedding or bulky sweaters. It also works well in a walk-in closet. You’ll have a dressing room where you can sit to put on pants and shoes. Adding this piece to your bedroom just makes preparing for the day that much easier.

Chests also are convenient to have in your entryway. As soon as you enter the home, you have a place for your keys and other items you’re carrying. Use it to store gloves, scarves, earmuffs, and other accessories that may get lost in your closet during the winter months.

Media chests are perfect for dens or guest bedrooms where you don’t want a full entertainment center to overpower the space. The top shelf is designed to hold media boxes, while the surface can accommodate large television sets.

Chests in the bathroom may not have been something you thought about previously, but it’s a convenient addition. A tall narrow chest for toiletries and hand towels can fit snugly in a corner. If you have the room for a larger chest, store your bath towels and body washes inside. Use the surface to display decorative soaps and plants.

Moving to the living room, you’ll find many uses for a chest. Replace that small side table with a chest of drawers and use it for your remote controls, books, video game controllers, and board games for those nights friends stop by. A chest will do the trick if you need to fill in an empty wall. Pair it with a painting or some other kind of wall art, and you’ll instantly enhance the room’s design.

Let’s not forget about the kitchen. If you’ve been looking for the perfect island but still haven’t found it, you should take a look at a few chests. You may find a design that will fit well with the kitchen accessories.

Create a coffee bar or buffet table in the dining room. Set up a dessert station and fill it with sugary treats your guests will love. Place your silverware in the felt-lined drawer to keep them and your chest protected from scratches.

There are so many used for this piece, so get creative and find different ways to use it in your home.

By Manali