Autumn is here and our attention turns to sitting by the fire in the evening with a lovely mug of hot chocolate – pure bliss. However, if your fireplace is looking tired and needs a fresh look, your cosy winter’s evening can soon be ruined. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your fireplace without breaking the bank – continue reading to find out more. 

Paint Any Brass Details

You can have the most magnificent brickwork around your fireplace, but it’ll all be tarnished if the brass looks outdated. Luckily, the majority of brass fixtures come off so that you can make easy replacements and repairs. In this case, all you’re going to do is repaint the existing brass, which will give your fireplace a new lease of life. If you need help with this, you can find instructions here

Simply Paint the Mantel

The majority of mantels are made out of wood, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best material to use. That being said, if you’ve got a white mantel, you can easily upgrade it by giving it a fresh lick of paint. If you’re trying to make a statement, we suggest using a bright colour. There’s no real limit to what you can achieve with colour in your living room, you just need to experiment with the colour wheel

Paint Stone or Brick Surroundings

If your fireplace still has the original brickwork but it’s falling apart, it’s time for an upgrade. However, replacing the brickwork will be expensive. Therefore, we suggest filling the cracks and reaching for that trusty tin of paint, which will breathe new life into your fireplace. A popular option is whitewashing – you can find more information on this here

Peel and Stick Tiles

If you’d rather turn away from paint, peel and stick tiles are a fantastic alternative, and they won’t break the bank. You can get your hands on peel and stick tiles to mimic almost any design. However, you should note that these won’t work if you’re trying to lay them over rough brick surfaces. For best results, only lay over existing tiles. 

Go for Something New

Sometimes, your fireplace is too far gone and a lick of paint or a stick-on tile won’t cut it. If this is the case, explore new aesthetics and have a brand-new fireplace installed. As trends tend to recycle, a popular choice at the moment is the vintage fireplace, which typically draws inspiration from the Victorian period. 

Change to Gas

While you’re upgrading to a new fireplace, you should consider switching to a gas installation, which won’t need tending and will be much safer. You may argue that it costs more to fuel, with the rising energy prices. However, if you’re only using the fire occasionally as an addition to central heating, you’ll recover the costs during the warmer months. 

The cold weather has arrived, meaning it’s time to take a look at the condition of your fireplace. If it looks tired, put some time in and make a simple upgrade, which will help bring life into the room. 

By Manali