Spring is a time when a lot of people think about giving their home a refresh. Making a change to your home’s interior can revive your space even with just a few decor additions, as any real estate agent will tell you. But how can you make changes that can give your home an of-the-moment feeling while at the same time not seeming dated in a year or two? There are some decor trends that agents are talking about that you don’t necessarily need to hire an interior designer for, to give your home that wow factor.

Accent walls

Repainting your space will surely give your home a change as you might consider if you are selling your home. But what if you don’t have to repaint your entire space to take it to the next level? Adding an accent wall can revive the energy in a room without you having to go through the work to go through painting the entire space. And we aren’t just talking about painted walls — although painting a wall in a bold color can be one option to consider. Interior designers are also creating these accent walls with painted murals or wallpaper with a mural theme or pattern. These can work in any room of your home where you need something a little extra.

Blast from the past

Vintage is always a good idea, and in 2022, pieces like gilded mirrors, vintage artwork, and showing off details like crown-molding and decorative details over fireplaces are in. If you already have some of these elements in your home, you can emphasize them even more and bring them center-stage. Or, you can be on the hunt for vintage pieces in second-hand stores and antique markets. Get creative and consider grouping a few pieces together, such as with artwork, to create a focal point in a room.

Dark and stormy

While using white and bright colors is one option when mixing up your space, adding a dark accent can create a different mood altogether. Dark accents can come in the form of painted railings and hardware for faucets, cabinets, and even wood for furniture. Just be sure to balance dark accents with something light like marble, gold, or white.

Mix it up

One way to change up the design in your home is to start with what you already have and move items around. Mixing styles with a variety of textures and colors, or even modern with the past can give your space a unique personality and is also a big trend for 2022. Mixing different materials like natural jute or bamboo with woven rugs and bold paintings can make a room dynamic and fresh. Different types of plants in curved vases can add another element of 2022 to your home.

When you think about giving your home a refresh, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Starting with some of these changes in small ways, such as by bringing in a new rug, or an accent lamp can be an easy way to start. You’ll have a refreshed home in no time.

By Manali