As the name suggests, a disposable CBD vape pen was designed to be used just once. However, you can reuse some disposable CBD vape pens like the case of refillable/rechargeable disposable vape pens.

It’s a good idea that you don’t try to use it more than recommended by the manufacturer, especially if it is in any way damaged or compromised.

disposable CBD vape pen

Why can’t you use my disposable CBD vape pen more than once?

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t use your disposable CBD vape pen more than once.

  • Think about depleting the CBD oil. Most disposable CBD pens have non-refillable carts. Meaning you have a zero chance of reusing the pen anyway.
  • If the oil in the disposable CBD vape pens is damaged, there is a possibility that it could potentially be dangerous to anyone who uses it again. It’s best to throw it out so that no one else gets injured from using something not meant for them.
  • It’s not worth trying to reuse your disposable CBD vape pen because it won’t work correctly or safely in any way when you do so. You can potentially damage your lungs, throat and mouth.
  • Also, the taste can get very irritating when used a few times already. Once the vape has been used, the aroma and taste may depreciate even with proper storage.

Can you reuse CBD cartridges?

You may come across CBD vape pens and oil cartridges that claim to be reusable. You can’t reuse a disposable CBD vape pen, but you might think that using the cartridge is just as safe.

Just like with the disposable CBD vape pen, this will not work as well or safely either. It might taste strange or even have an adverse reaction on your throat or lungs due to the oil within the cartridge.

Don’t try to get more bang for your buck by reusing your oil cartridges too often because they won’t offer any medical benefits or effects so that you won’t be saving money in the long run.

How do you reuse a disposable vape pen?

Reusing a disposable CBD vape pen is one thing that you shouldn’t try to do because it’s not something that would work as well or safely as the oil cartridges or CBD vape pens.

First of all, there are no refillable carts available for most disposable CBD pens, so going out and trying to find one isn’t going to work when you need it most. It might make you spend more money than what you had initially planned on investing.

How long will a disposable vape last?

Longevity depends on the disposable CBD vape pen you get. Several things can contribute to how long the device lasts.

  • Single Fill Disposable Vape Pens- This type of CBD vape pen is usually for one-time use. Because it does not hold much, so you will be re-filling it again in no time. These disposable vape pens can last anywhere between one and three days on average. It also depends on the battery size and if it is rechargeable or not.
  • Refillable Disposable Vape Pens- These disposable vape pens are a bit more expensive. They offer multiple fills per cartridge and last six times as much as the single fill average after being filled for the first time.

You should also make sure that you follow the instructions and do what’s instructed with your disposable CBD vape pens so that they last as long as possible.

Can you open a disposable vape pen?

You can, but why would you even want to do something like that when it is so unsafe? You may end up hurting yourself or someone else while doing so.

The pen’s housing and construction aren’t made for opening or disassembling in the first place either. Plus, there are usually no replacement parts available for these disposable vape pens. There isn’t anything inside them that would be of value to keep around either.

If you somehow get one of these disposables that has been opened already, you might want to throw it away before using it just so that you don’t risk getting sick or something because of the oil leaking out while you’re vaping.

It could even be dangerous to your health if the device starts leaking in your pocket, for example, and there are other types of damage it can do if left unchecked as well. No one wants that kind of danger from a vape pen they paid good money for, which is why we advise against opening up these disposable wax pens and anything else like them either. Just dispose of them properly instead.

What to do with a disposable CBD vape pen?

First of all, try to place it somewhere where no one will bump into or step on it. Secondly, dispose of it properly by throwing it away in an area designated for that purpose. You should never throw it in the trash can because of risks such as the battery exploding.

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