The video editing apps on smartphones are a must-have these days. Every day, you take photographs and videos with your smartphone, but posting them online and sharing them with your friends is something else. Using a video editing app, you can create a creative clip and share it on social media. Let’s get started; we’ve shortlisted the most popular video editing apps for you to try out.

There was a time when video editing was reserved for professionals. Using the 2021 applications has made video editing simple and much more automated than it was before. In today’s world, you just have to download the app, upload the video, hit a few buttons here and there, and the app will do the rest for you. You can choose from a variety of free and paid apps. In this article, however, we highlight the best ones for Instagram Reels and WhatsApp Status that will look fantastic.

Also, instead of using tools to do the work yourself, you may want to hire video design or image restoration specialists.

Here are 10 of the best video editing apps in 2021:

  1. Wondershare Filmora GO – It’s a professional mix! You will see that right away when you use the Filmora Go App. It has all the trendy features nicely bundled in a sweet package. The more you use this popular video editing app, the better your editing skills will become. Trim and cut videos to share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram reels, and WhatsApp reels. The app exports videos in HD quality with an aspect ratio that’s perfect for smartphones.
  2. Kinemaster Video editor – Video editing app with over 100 million downloads. Kinemaster has an intuitive user interface and gives you excellent results with video editing. Furthermore, the app offers cool color filters for making your video look great. It also has EQ presets for creating immersive audio. Users can also import video up to 4K at 30fps and edit it locally.
  3. PowerDirector – Video editor, video maker – Their PowerDirector app is no doubt a worthy shot at the smartphone video editing platform by Cyberlink Corp, a pioneer in the development of the best video editing apps for the PC. Additionally, you can edit and export 4K video, fix shaky camera footage, and replace the background if the footage has a green screen. The video can also be directly uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.
  4. Filmr – A free version of the popular video editing platform video, Filmr lets you combine multiple videos from your device and create a beautiful video. You name it, it’s there. Fill might be the best video editing app when it comes to automated video creation.
  5. Adobe Premiere Rush – This isn’t Adobe Premiere Pro at all. Premiere Rush may look a little like its toned-down desktop version, but it has a simpler feel. If you have the skill for this kind of thing, Adobe Premiere Pro might be the best video editing app to use. You get a professional graph bar and you can add multiple clips at a time.
  6. Inshot- Video editor & video maker – It’s well known that Inshot lets you add effects, music, and Funimation’s to your videos, making them visually appealing for social media posting. As to why the app made it to our list of the best video editing apps, it is because the app doesn’t lose any quality when cutting/splitting video clips.
  7. GoPro Quick: Video editor & maker – A GoPro quick video editing app is the best app for creating Instagram reels. The app’s one-tap footage transformation feature instantly turns your footage into shareable content. In addition, Mural is an exciting feature that allows you to add your favorite clips and photos and build up your library. These are some of the best video editings features out there.
  8. Clips for iPhone users – When we talk about video editing, iPhone users are likely to think of this free video editing app. This video editing app has multiple features and takes full advantage of Apple hardware. As well as creating emoji videos, you can record immersive AR spaces, and the selfie scene lets you record videos with special sound effects and filters.
  9. Action Director video camera – With the Action Director, which is a video editing app made by Cyberlink, you can trim and edit videos quickly, plus create fun animation effects. In addition to recording action footage, the app includes over 12 transitions which work well with action footage.
  10. Vimeo Create – You can edit a template or create and edit your footage in Vimeo’s video editing app. Having fast, reliable, and good-quality editing software is nice. The Vimeo create app also offers a beautiful after-effect feature that adds animations and great transitions. You can change multiple templates to create a unique video in just a couple of taps.


These apps might be best used in Reels since they are all popular video editing apps that you can find and that can fulfill your needs quickly. We want to know what you think of these apps that can change how you share videos. Do check out the above-mentioned Best Video Editing Apps In 2021.

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