Are you a big fan of personalized jewelry? If you live close to Fillmore, California, you are in luck. One of the advantages of getting a custom set of grillz, is that they will be fitted to the exact shape and size of your teeth, which makes them stylish yet comfortable jewelry pieces, and they can be found in different colors and compositions that don’t cause irritation to your gums or mouth tissue. Among the most common materials used to build a set of grillz, we can mention sterling silver, gold plated, white gold and rose gold, in a variety of karats, such as 10k , 14k and 18k. Many models also incorporate different shapes and textures, but also gemstones like diamonds. In this article we will share valuable information about some of the top-rated places where you can find sets of customized grillz, offering amazing quality in the available products but also in the service provided.

1. Luxe Grillz

This store located in California offers a wide variety of Grillz, available in different colors, shapes, materials and incrustations. They provide express shipping service which makes them a good option if you have an urgent order. From colorful patterns to the opportunity to have your name or text of your choice in your teeth, this supplier has many creative designs to choose from, including both bottom as well as top grillz. In addition to this, you have the chance to ask for a single tooth or fangs (yes, grillz that will make you look like a vampire).

2. Mr. Bling Gold Teeth

Located less than 1 hour away from Fillmore, this is definitely one of the most popular grillz suppliers out there in California. Mr. Bling Gold Teeth directs their efforts to provide great quality products while emphasizing customer care practices. Whether you are looking for a classic pattern such as solid gold or a diamond cut, or you are rather looking for something more creative like a drip design or personalizing your set with engraved letters, they have you covered.

3. Bling Bling Grillz

If you are all about experience, this provider might be a suitable option for you since their designs are made by a dental technician with 15 years of experience. Among the benefits that you can find at Bling Bling Grillz, we can mention that you will not have to pay for the molding and the Gillz sets are polished to avoid any tissue damage. You should however consider that they are 1 hour away from Fillmore.

4. KL Grillz

Although this option is located a bit far from Fillmore, California, they are popular suppliers of personalized fitter grillz. They also sell other types of fine accessories, such as watches and necklaces. If you like the options offered by KL Grillz, just keep in mind that they don’t have a website, so you can find them on social media.

5. Bling Cartel

This well-known company is hands down the best option overall, since they offer top quality custom grillz and an outstanding service. Not only do you have an amazing store right at Fillmore, but they have the hottest designs to choose from. If you are looking for a premium set of grillz that don’t break your bank, this is definitely the best choice you can make.

By Manali