Teens are priceless assets, raising them properly will impact the country’s future effectively. Age verification services give promising results to protect minors. Age verification is of great importance where access to illegal things such as alcohol intake, and other activities is very easy. A large number of minors fall ill due to drugs and alcohol. To make these services unreachable and inaccessible to minors, deep AI-based age checkers are developed.

Age Verification-The Way Forward to Protect Minors from Illegal Activities

What is meant by Age Verification?

This term is of great interest nowadays where due to the technology advancements and easy access of different services online which restrict age limit can be easily used by the minor and can involve in illegal activities and also do frauds. Moreover, the minors are able to do drugs and even go to clubs. KYCC is the best approach to keep these activities in control while knowing actually whom they are dealing with. Regulation regarding age limit was not so promising through the manual attestation but with the blend of AI age verification solutions are provided by the tech companies which are able to verify deeply whether the person is exactly the same age or manipulating. This is done with the help of various facial scans and various other documents issued by the government e.g ID cards, driving license, etc.

How Digital online age Verification is superior to manual verification-

Since adult-oriented services like drug usage, alcohol intake, and numerous others have spread out commonly throughout the globe, age verification regulations are kept mandatory before providing these types of services. Throughout the globe, the age limit is set to 18 to 21 as a legal age where the person is eligible to sell or buy these services. The person seeking these services under age is stated criminal under the law. Somehow the outdated way to verify age was effective yet crimes were taking place and were easy to manipulate the laws. But now when the marketplaces and businesses have been digitized, with the integration of the digital age online verification services the minor cant breach nor manipulate the system due to the intelligently coded algorithm it’s impossible to breach unlike there was a chance in the manual verification way.

How the Online Age Verification Works-

Age Verification precisely embedded with AI-Based technology provides business and e-commerce sites the way to verify the legality of the customer before onboarding them. This product is done before a new user is onboarded or any transaction is to be made.

Steps involved in Age Verification

➔ Submission of date of birth

The customer provides the name and the date of birth through the online forms placed by the respective business

➔ Uploading documents online

The customers provide photos of the identity documents issued by the government such as ID Cards, Voting Cards, Driving licenses, etc.

➔ Extracting data through OCR

To verify age and authenticating the provided document the information like DOB, Name is extracted using OCR for the document’s verification.

➔ Age Verification and Result Generating

When the customers have provided enough documents and through the verification solutions if the documents are verified as original and no issue is there the age is successfully verified and go to go in availing the services.

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Businesses where Age Checks are set mandatory

● Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol usage is very common nowadays in minors who are legally not eligible to use them nor sell them but due to uncertainty and poor verifying age techniques, minors are able to do so. Many of the cases are reported among which are mostly minors who intake such products as drugs, cigarettes e-cigarettes, and alcoholic drinks. The age limit between 18 to 21 is considered as legal age below is counted as minor but this limit varies country-wise. In order to stop this illegal buy or sell age verification procedures are deliberately used to restrict the use of such products from minors.

● Online gaming

Teenagers are truly obsessed with gaming due to the digitization these online games have become an attraction among minors. Games have become like addiction and without knowing the consequences minors are involved in such things which are unhealthy and also become parts of scams and fraud. Moreover, they access adult-based sites as well. To make this platform safe age is verified through age verification solutions and access is given if they are legal to play respective games.

● Dating services and adult content

Dating services and adult content due to digitalization are made easy to access. These are very sensitive services with the law-abiding age rule which somehow are neglected and minors are involved and scammed.to avoid any type of frauds age verification is integrated into these platforms to give access only to legal users.


Teenagers are the future, due to the negligence and ineffective measures to verify age and insufficient ways of checking age is putting the minors at stake. Their involvement in different activities as the illegal users puts their life at stake whereas these minors also become a source of scams and frauds to overcome and secure their future with the KYCC the age checks are done easily and minors are stopped from such service.

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