So, you are an avid gamer who wants to upgrade their PC for one with more computing power, but you have a limited budget. It makes total sense to build your own machine, as this will save you around $200 and if you are thinking this is above your station, help is at hand in the form of this guide.

Basic Computing

We are assuming that you know what the various components do and where they go; if that is not the case, check out the many YouTube videos that explain how computers work.

Here is a list of the components you need to buy:

  • PC case – This houses the meat and potatoes.
  • CPU – Intel and AMD are the main brands.
  • Mainboard – The best mainboard is Intel from a leading Thai computer component supplier; make sure the unit is compatible with the other components. 
  • Video card – GeForce makes the best video cards. This part would have onboard cooling fans that plug into the mainboard.
  • SSD – Solid state drives are the latest generation of data storage devices. You need two drives, C and D, which plug into the mainboard.
  • Monitor – A flat (or curved) digital screen with a high refresh rate, this is plugged into the video card at the rear of the case.
  • Power supply unit – 600W is suitable; this unit distributes power to the computer.
  • Keyboard/mouse – Wireless is the way to go.
  • Random Access Memory – DRAM4 is the latest generation of RAM chips; 16Gb would do but honestly, 32Gb will make your PC sing.

Choosing components

This can be a minefield; the best thing to do is join a computing forum and ask the gamers what components work well together. It’s all about compatibility with computer hardware and it won’t take you long to create a to-buy list and you can order everything from a single supplier.

Calculating a budget

If you can make 40,000 baht, you can build a state-of-the-art gaming PC that can play the latest versions of your favourite games. Intel core i9, Intel mainboard and GeForce video card would come together to give you a premium machine that will still be hi-end a couple of years from now. Click here to read about how tech is developing.

Ordering the components

Go to the leading Thai IT hardware supplier’s website and you can order everything you need in a single shop. All components will be shipped in a single package for convenience and when the consignment arrives, you are ready to build your dream gaming PC. Click here to read about online consumer protection in Thailand.

The build

Put all the internal hardware components on a table and make sure you have a set of screwdrivers and you know the order of the components to be fitted. Take the side off the main case and fit the power supply, then you are ready to install the mainboard, which should be an Intel model that you can order online. The screws are in a small plastic bag that comes in the box and when all are tightened, the mainboard is securely in place. The CPU is next; follow the instructions and make sure you apply the paste when seating the chipset. Solid state drives slot into place, as do the RAM chips and video card, then you can connect the cables from the power supply and the computer is ready for boot up.

Setting up the gaming zone

A sturdy desk that houses your screen and the computer case, with a pull-out drawer for the keyboard and mouse; a decent gaming chair and you are ready to rock and roll.

Operating System

Once the computer is booted up, enter the drive path for the Windows setup and click on start; this will install Windows 10, which would be on a USB thumb drive or pre-installed on the SSD. Once connected to the Internet, you can update your version of Windows, adding all the latest security patches, while you can also connect to the cloud for Office 365 and the Adobe suite.

You will draw a lot of personal satisfaction from building your gaming PC and you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

By Manali