The sci-fi genre has many films and series dedicated to it as well as many literary titles. It’s also big in the gaming industry and has inspired many amazing games. The thing that makes sci-fi games great is the fact that players can actively take part in the world of tomorrow. So, if you’re a gamer and you’re looking for a sci-fi title to play, then here are some you can try:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Star Wars franchise is quite popular and has a lot of games to offer fans. One of them is the KOTOR game and it takes players to the vast universe of the franchise. You’ll get to create your characters and go on many adventures. If you don’t feel like an adventurer, then you can visit the nearest cantina for some Pazaak.

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In KOTOR you’ll get to choose the path of your character and every decision you make has an impact on the game. You can even gain or lose companions on your quests with your actions. You’ll get to become a Jedi, and you may choose to stay that way or become a Sith. The Dark Side or Light Side will choices will give you one of the 2 endings of the game. In other words, this is a great sci-fi game that shows you just how great the future can be.

The Mass Effect Franchise

This franchise is made up of several titles that bring the world of the future closer. You’ll play as Commander Shepherd and you’ll get to prove to the Specters that it’s about time that humans made it into their ranks. You’ll also show them that their best agent is against them and everything spirals downwards from there.

You’ll need to take on ancient enemies that are far more advanced technologically. You’ll have to make important decisions in tough moments and that will lead you to the ending of each game. But you won’t be alone on this journey as you’ll meet all sorts of companions on your journey through the system.


Observer takes you to a bleak future. A future where the remnants of the world are controlled by the Chiron Corporation. The citizens of the world are split into 3 castes. The elites govern the world and they are the managers and board directors of the corporation. The second group is made up of observers, investigators to keep the rest at bay, and the majority of the population falls into the third group. You’ll play as an observer looking for his son and finding out all sorts of secrets along the way. Observer is a horror game, but an amazing sci-fi nonetheless.

By Manali