Despite the world not having half the tech it does now just a few decades ago, devices are now so important in the lives of many. For most, it’s hard to think about going an extended period of time without their smartphones, and so many people’s work-life requires a lot of tech too.

These devices and products are always evolving and improving, though with newer versions outdating the previous ones in a number of ways. While you don’t have to replace your devices that often, it’s good to know that things are getting better. Here are just a few ways that tech is improving.

Smaller is better

While it may seem like some parts of the tech world are trying to get bigger and bigger, for example, TVs and some smartphones, the overall idea when it comes to devices is that smaller is better.

Thinner smartphones fit better into your pocket, and smaller smartwatches feel less bulky on your wrist. This aim towards making things as small as possible is paving the way for how tech is used in the future.

With some people saying that something like a smartwatch may replace smartphones altogether, from better battery life to more portability, smaller devices are certainly a big part of the future of tech.

Lasting longer

Speaking of battery life, the aim to improve this overall has been the aim of many huge technology companies for a while. When you use your device a lot, it’s naturally going to run out of juice.

This can come at the worst of times, though, and it’s annoying having to always look for an outlet. Tech brands are looking to make batteries last longer and longer so that you can go all day knowing you aren’t going to see that warning notice any time soon.

Clearer and clearer

When you use tech, your eyes are doing most of the work. It’s for this reason that tech companies put a lot of time and money into making the overall visual experience better for you.

Whether that’s creating settings to help avoid eye strain or just making everything that much clearer and higher quality, a lot goes into the screens of your devices. High definition used to be spoken about almost solely in terms of your TV, but you can now buy a 4k Desktop PC.

There is more of a focus on making the picture quality better on devices, who knows how crisp the images will be in the coming years.


Thinking back to not that long ago, before smartphones had really taken off, most people had two main devices they carried around with them. One was your phone for calling and messaging people, and the other was a device to play music while you’re out and about.

The smartphone quickly replaced both of these, and users only had to carry one device from then onwards. This is a phenomenon that is continuously happening in the world of tech as one device starts to do a multitude of things.

With laptops replacing both desktops and tablets, as well as smartwatches replacing the need for a fitness tracker and your phone in many cases, new tech is all about needing less.

The technology industry is fascinating as it has grown so much in such a short period of time. It’s showing no sign of stopping anytime soon, though, and these examples are just a few changes you can expect to see going forward.

By Manali