Sony is known for many products but the PlayStation series enjoys a fan following that stands out from the rest. The latest addition to the family, the PS5, is here and comes with great features and performance offerings. All you need to do is get a good internet package like Spectrum Bundles and play your favorite games without a worry in the world. Continue reading below to read out about the best features of PS5 that will convince you to buy it!

Game Settings

The PS5 will allow you to play your games with settings of your choice. These settings include camera control, graphics, and difficulty levels. For most games, you can adjust the settings one time and these settings will remain the same upon startup unless you change them. For more complex games, however, you will need to customize the settings a little bit more. You can control the following settings:

  • Difficulty levels
  • Modes (Performance or Resolution)
  • First-Person View (Normal/Inverted)
  • Third-Person View (Normal/Inverted)
  • Subtitles
  • Audio

Playtime is Visible Now

Stream. Xbox, and Switch, all allow users to see how much time users spend on a particular game. This allows users and their parents to moderate gaming activity and draw insights as well. On the other hand, the PS4 did not have this capability. However, the good news is that PS5 will come with this feature! The best part is that the new console will even provide you stats from your PS4 gaming profile!


Video Clips for Achievements

Well, this feature is quite amazing. Previously, PS devices used to take a screenshot the moment a player would win a trophy. Now, it records a 15-second clip that shows your performance leading up to that achievement. Cool, right?

A lot of games will allow you to have these cool videos since they give trophies for simple tasks as well! Do note that these clips will clog up your storage so make sure to keep the 4K resolutions off! The “share” button will come in really handy in letting your social media friends know about your achievements! Never miss a milestone achievement with this feature ever again!

DualSense Controller is Outstanding

The DualSense is the new controller for PS5. With outstanding haptic feedback capabilities and an in-built speaker, you are going to love it! The form is definitely better than the previous ones and you can grip it quite easily as well. The controller feels easy on the hands and looks brilliant as well. Look closely on the device and you’ll be able to notice plenty of PS icons!

Dust Holes

One of the biggest problems of hardware equipment is its susceptibility to dust. Over time, one can easily notice a layer on top of the equipment as well as inside it clogging its internal parts. This does, at times, affect device performance as well. The good news is that the manufacturers at Sony thought about this and included a dust hole in the PS5!

The console comes with a large-sized fan that draws in air and filters dust particles. If you pop off the left faceplate then you can access the two holes where the dust is collected. The fans direct it to these holes. To clean this dust just remove the faceplate and use your vacuum cleaner.

Most of the games on PS5 require a stable internet connection. I suggest that you go for a triple play package from a quality ISP so that you get access to 5G capabilities! As a result, you will be able to play without lag. I recently applied for one and got subscribed to one of the packages from Spectrum TV packages but I’m glad I got it! My mother can watch her favorite shows on the TV and I can play my favorite games on my PlayStation! Get your package too and play your favorite games to your heart’s fill!

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