The vision of Carlo Crocco in building his watch company succeeded progressively in innovating extraordinary timepieces, combining traditional and modern approaches through the years. Hublot watchmakers fulfilled and uphold their brand’s belief that it is working with the “art of fusion” and marks its reputation in the watch industry. It is not only Carlo Crocco that made Hublot the top-notch brand, but together with Jean Claude Biver, the creativity is endless. These two genius minds produced high-quality timepieces, embracing the art of fusion features such as fine ceramics, carbon fiber, hard-wearing, and even waterproof rubbers. It timelessly demonstrates a watch that is worth having in this industrialized world.

Watch collectors and investors trusted this watch company not only for the high-quality timepieces, nonetheless, its continuous triumphs. If you find Hublot fascinating, you’re right! It has incredible facts, conveying various journeys that gain integrity in the watch-making industry.

5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Hublot’s Success

The Story Behind the “Art of Fusion” in Hublot

This brand started with peculiar concepts far from the familiar face of traditional watchmaking. Hublot was the first brand to combine gold with natural rubber in 1980. It symbolizes the fusion of the past and present in a futuristic watch, from which Hublot embraced and developed the Motto “Art of Fusion.” They created their special alloy named “Magic Gold,” featuring a scratch-resistant, 24-carat gold and ceramic that remains at the Hublot’s high-tech foundry, Nyon Manufacture. From then, it successfully innovated unique timepieces with creative concepts.

The philosophy behind the Art of Fusion perfectly blends past and the future, the tradition, and the innovation. It genuinely reveals that each Hublot watch is worth having because it upholds a versatile and exceptional masterpiece.

5 Fascinating Things Behind Hublot’s Success

1. Intelligent Craftsmanship

Innovation and passion are the core values of Hublot, where precocious talents and skills work together to produce never-seen timepieces in craft making. Unique materials including fine ceramics, carbon fiber, hard-wearing, and waterproof rubbers are essential to Hublot, as it creates aesthetic qualities, highly durable, resistance to scratches and aging. Moreover, the Art of Fusion developed a range of exceptional “in-house” movements that made their timepieces functional and versatile throughout the years. These revolutionary movements are the famous Unico chronograph, the Meca-10 with its 10-day power reserve, tourbillons, minute repeaters, and the MP-05 LaFerrari, with a world record of 50 days power reserve. The manufacture of Hublot upholds the perfect fusion between functionality, architecture, and design. It impressively creates timeless watches that satisfy its consumer’s necessities.

2. Transcendent and Versatile Timepieces

The name Hublot is one of the most discussed watch brands around the globe. They are known for producing watches with creative design and groundbreaking styles without limiting the possibilities within the watchmaking industry. Glancing thoroughly on Hublot timepieces , it balances the watches’ design and functionalities, resulting in versatile and multifunctional watches. Hublot has various collections such as Novelties, Big Bang, Classic Fusion, and MP, and each upholds unique specialization in different fields. This luxury brand creates exceptional collections every year because of its several partnerships with well-known people in the business industry. Indeed, Hublot never stops innovating avert-grande and brilliant timepieces. This movement of Hublot makes them forefront and a notable edge in watchmaking.

3. Hublot Big Bang is the Most Remarkable Collection

Hublot’s first debut didn’t result as planned because nobody purchased a single watch at the 1980 watch fair in Switzerland. They failed to attract a potential customer to the fair; however, sales increased when Hublot Big Bang was introduced to the market. The man behind this success was Hublot CEO Jean Claude Biver and opened a new flagship in 2005. Watch investors and collectors adore the revolutionary Big Bang chronograph that offers various creative designs and beyond compare technicalities. Hublot Big Bang models won all the prizes and were recognized as the best sports time watches at the world watch exhibition in Basel. Presently, it continues to be a legend that has been started.

4. Hublot is the Official Timekeeper of the World Cup

Hublot is the first luxury watchmaking brand to enter the footballing world, partnering with the Swiss national team in 2006. They gained relationships with UEFA and FIFA and took part in various major events and prestigious clubs, including Chelsea, Juventus, Ajax, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich. Upon this, Hublot remains to be in the forefront in exposing Swiss luxury and unique timepieces. Several athletes support Hublot by innovating limited edition watches with their names on them.

Hublot had the opportunity to be the Official Timekeeper to the FIFA World Cup and relations with the world of Cricket too in 2010. An enormous success happened in succeeding years, a partnership in 2015, and becoming the first watchmaker to confederate itself with the game of Cricket.

Presently, Hublot has continuous support to football that they remain the Premier League’s Official Timekeeper from the start of the 2020-2021 season. It progressively builds a reputation featuring Hublot watches with most iconic competitions, such as the World Cup, the Euro, and the Champion’s League.

The appearance of Hublot with the significant events in historical competitions gained various support for the watch brand. The Hublot logo appears on the score and time screen during the match, and Premier League referees will wear a luxury smartwatch from the Hublot Big Bang collections. Indeed, this watch company had gained trust by visibility on digital platforms and iconic partnerships from various great industries.

5. Successful Partnerships with Great Personalities in the Industry

Hublot is recognized with various partnerships in different industries, including business, sports, and media. These limited edition timepieces impressively reflect on the partnerships’ character, including the King Power Black Mamba created for Hublot ambassador Kobe Bryant. The watch details reflect his identity where gold and purple signify strong, masculine, and fearsome athletic, resembling the watch’s functionality. Another top-notch limited edition is the special Big Bang Unico Usain Bolt watch which was made to celebrate their brand ambassador’s accomplishments. The entire collection was composed of 100 yellow, gold models and 250 all-black ceramic models. It embodies aesthetic, functionality, and versatility in each watch. Indeed, Hublot genuinely shows passion and reliability in associating with various fields in the industry.

Concluding Thoughts

Hublot’s journey upholds dedication and integrity in the milestone of the watch-making industry. It indeed reveals their motto, “Art of fusion,” which blends tradition and innovation. Take part in Hublot’s incredible journey and own yourself an excellent timepiece here at Stay authentic and motivated!

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