All over the world, the education system is going through a phase of change since the world has been hit by the pandemic. Recent data suggests that the global investment in technology related to education has surged from $500m to almost $17 billion only if we consider 10 years. 

Technology is directly associated with the increased demand for online learning. Students from any part of the world can take up any courses and degrees from foreign institutions situated in another part of the globe. GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) reports suggest that the demand for MBA online courses have risen to almost double in a few years. 

A huge number of students are hooked on some kind of courses or study programs online. And this is where the use of education tech tools is undeniable. According to the Preply language report 2021, students from all over the world are taking up courses to learn various foreign languages.

The study shows that students are choosing different languages like English (most preferred), Spanish (second-most preferred), and others for career purposes, hobbies, or to get used to the foreign culture. Many Hispanic Americans are not confident with their knowledge in English too and are taking English classes at Preply. 

For career-oriented students, French is the language to go for. So you see,  technology that is directly associated with education has helped students all over the world to learn new things easily. 

Anyway, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the educational tech tools that will be trending in 2022. Here is our list.


Over the past two years, students daily are attending way too many online video calls and conferences than they ever thought of. Platforms like Zoom or Google Meet have been great but after repetitive use, they have become kind of boring. 

A new application Frame is trying to do something new here. With their ultimate VR technology, students get a supreme 3D experience as if they are attending their class in a classroom. In Frame, one can create a virtual environment as a classroom, meeting room, lounge, etc. With applications like these, technology can nullify the disadvantages of online learning as they bring the benefits of the offline mode of education in the online form. 


This initiative was started by Markey Dias back in November 2015. Her goal was to collect over 1,000 books that have black girls as the central character or the protagonist. The collection is now over 13,000 books that feature black women as the main character. 

This has been a revolutionary act for students who want to read these kinds of books. With a simple and quick search, a wide array of such books are available on this platform. 


Google has broadened up the path for intelligent coders with their experimental platforms. Coders with new and unique ideas that use enhanced scientific reality, artificial intelligence, or any other things that can widen up the possibilities of technology in the future. Google’s enormous database with the collection of culture & Arts includes indefinite information about works of photography, music and art in general. 

Apparently, it looks like a site for curiosity and entertainment purposes, but it is extremely helpful for students in this field. 


Everfi had started its journey as a website that offers literacy courses to students for free but now they have reached a broader spectrum. Their services now include career research for students, subjective and civil learning, inclusion and variety, and also health and fitness. 

And on top of that, they are utilizing interesting ways of education to keep their students engaged and amused. Almost all of their courses and lessons are gamified so that the students have to put the bare minimum effort to understand the topics. 


Last but not least, Skew the script. 

This is a website that will take away the fear of mathematics from students. This website is run by a number of math teachers who want to put the learning of important math in an interesting way which includes AP Statistics, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. 

Wrapping Up 

So, after reading this write-up, you might have gained an idea of how educational tech tools are crucial in this modern generation of education and along with that learned about some trendy edTech tools for 2022. 

In this era of modern technology, it is the duty of the students as well as the teachers to maintain the same pace with the rapid changes in the field of education for its betterment. These new tools are going to make education much easier and more interesting for learners all around the globe.

By Manali