3 Special Occasions That Call for Bulk Lip Balm

Are you in charge of putting together goodie bags for an event or choosing promotional items for your work? If so, you understand the challenge of needing to be creative and come up with new, exciting ideas. The next time you are tasked with one of these projects try bulk lip balm.

You can easily purchase and personalize pre-made bulk lip balm. Feeling a bit more creative? Choose colors, flavors, jars, and labels to make your own personalized lip balm. Here are three special occasions that call for purchasing lip balm in bulk.

Increase Your Small Business Product Line

If you have a small business focused on health and wellness, create or extend your product line with lip balm. Don’t have time to create a new product? Work with a vendor to buy private label lip balm in bulk for your business.

When you private label lip balm, you will receive the product in the containers of your choosing. You will also be able to select the flavor and color of lip balm. Add a custom-designed label with your small business branding, and you’ll be ready to sell.

Promote Your Business with Bulk Lip Balm

Your business can still use lip balm in bulk, even if the business’s focus isn’t on health and wellness. Many businesses give away promotional products that have been branded with their logo and contact information.

Skip the boring ink pens, can koozies, and stress balls. Help your business stand out by purchasing lip balm in bulk to use as a promotional product. Lip balm will stick out as a memorable giveaway. Increase the impact it has on guests by giving it out during events when the product is needed.

For example, if your company is sponsoring a golf tournament in the winter, lip balm would be the perfect promotional product. Not only would people want to use it during the event, but they’d also remember your company long after the event ends.  

Put Lip Balm in Party Favor Bags

It can be difficult to find items to put in party favor bags that are both useful and fun at the same time. Lip balm is a great item to put in party favor bags for three reasons.

1. Lip Balm is Customizable

When you are looking for something customizable to put in your party favors, lip balm is an excellent choice. Almost everything can be customized to make your lip balm unique. The flavor, color, and container are fully customizable. Additionally, you can personalize each tin or tube with a personalized sticker or label.

2. Lip Balm is Versatile

By customizing the label on the lip balm, it can coordinate nicely with the party’s theme. Here are just some of the types of party favor bags that lip balm could go in:

  • Birthday Party Bags
  • Baby Showers
  • Engagement Showers
  • Wedding Showers
  • Wedding Guest Favors
  • Bridesmaids Bags
  • School Parties
  • Girls Trip Bags
  • Halloween Bags

In addition to being placed in various party favor bags, lip balm can be designed to fit within a party’s theme. Here are a few examples of ways that lip balm can be customized to fit within the party theme:

  • Choose a tropical flavor in a bright color tube for a luau birthday party
  • Select orange lip balm in a black tube for a Halloween party
  • Pick vanilla-flavored balm in a white tube for a wedding gift to guests that attend the wedding

Imagine all of the creative ways that you could use lip balm in your party favor bags!

3. Lip Balm is Widely Used

When you fill a party favor bag, do you consider whether or not the guests will use the items? You don’t have to worry about lip balm; it is estimated that 60% of women use lip balm. At that rate, you can safely assume that the majority of the guests will enjoy this party favor!

Where to Purchase Lip Balm 

Knowing about these three special occasions and deciding to incorporate lip balm is just the start. You have to decide whether or not to make your lip balm or purchase it in bulk. Then, you need to know the best place to make your purchase.

Here are five places where you can purchase bulk lip balm:

  1. Local grocery store
  2. Big-box store
  3. Specialty wholesaler
  4. Cosmetics retailer
  5. Beauty supply store

Here are three places where you can purchase lip balm making supplies:

  1. Craft or hobby stores
  2. Large online retailers
  3. Specialty wholesalers

It is important to note that the only retailer that appears on both lists is a specialty wholesaler. You can benefit from making your purchase through a specialty retailer because they focus on those products. They will not only have the products made and ready for distribution, but they will also have the necessary supplies if you choose to make the product on your own. 

By Manali