Here we are going to talk about the various shipping means available for transporting your car from one location to another.

We’ll also discuss the area of strength and weaknesses of each of this shipping methods.

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The different types of shipping available for car shipping

There are three main types of shipping methods available for shipping cars. They are;

  • Rail shipping
  • Truck shipping
  • Airplane shipping.

All of them fall under two broad categories. That is;

  • Terminal to terminal shipping
  • Door to door shipping

Rail and airplane shipping fall under the terminal shipping category while truck shipping is solely under the door to door classification.

Now let’s consider the strengths and weaknesses of each of the above.

Rail shipping

This involves using rail line systems to transport vehicles from the terminal of one city to another. 

The strength are;

  • It is the safest means of shipping your vehicle over long distances. Trains are almost immune to accidents so your vehicle is as good as safe.
  • It is the least expensive means of shipping cars across borders.
  • The vehicles are transported in specialised trains to ensure safety
  • There are many competitors on the market, so you have many options.

The weaknesses are;

  • It is a slow means of shipping. Hence, not advisable for time sensitive deliveries.
  • It is not really a smart option for people without rail terminals in their location.

Truck shipping

This is perhaps the most popular of all shipping methods available. It allows for door to door delivery of vehicles.

The strengths are;

  • It allows the shipping of cars to the most remote location. Since it’s door to door delivery.
  • This means of transportation is perfect for exquisite and exotic cars that are low to the ground.
  • There is the option to ship your car via enclosed trucks to avoid unwanted attention.
  • It is a faster means of transportation than rail.

The weaknesses are;

  • It is more expensive than rail.
  • It is not advisable for time-sensitive shipping, unless it is to be done within a short distance.

Airplane shipping

This is the fastest means of shipping a car. It is the ideal transportation system for time sensitive deliveries.

Here are the strength of airplane shipping;

  • It is the fastest means of car shipping
  • It is a convenient option for wealthy individuals

The weaknesses are;

  • It is not the most safe of all options
  • It is the most expensive means of shipping.
  • Airplane shipping is perfect for people with airplane terminals in their location.

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