Several things make a game good: the lighting, texture, and of course, the graphics. For people who play competitively, the need for high-quality graphics cannot be underestimated, but for players who engage in it leisurely, many of them don’t care much about the quality. One of the games where the developers have balanced various elements such as light, texture, gameplay, and graphics is Politics and War, an interesting strategy game.

Games with bad graphics shouldn’t just be dismissed

There are excellent games out there that have bad graphics, but other elements such as the story, the plot, and the lighting are amazing. So should players dismiss that game just because the graphics aren’t as good and powerful as that of other games? So in essence, torrid graphics shouldn’t turn you away. You can still enjoy a game and especially if you are playing the game for leisure, the quality of the graphics shouldn’t be a big issue.

Graphics is not the only thing, the gameplay is

Many features collaborate to make a game complete and graphics is just one of them. It isn’t a must that a great game will require fantastic graphics, but if you can manage to make your game’s graphics better, then it could get better for everyone.

For most games, the gameplay is of more importance than the graphics, and this is a big determinant about whether or not other people will play your game. Great gameplay puts a game at a higher level and will make people always want to play it. A better gameplay experience goes a long way than the graphics that an online game offers. Some games are graphically advanced but have done poorly than games that have rudimentary graphics. 

A game can be a hit even without the best graphics

Let’s take Nintendo as an example. In 1996, they tried to revive their game in 3D and had advanced graphics which were stunning by all standards. But despite the world-class graphics that were used, the sales volume that the game registered was quite poor.

Graphics could make a game poor

The use of graphics, if not implemented perfectly well can make a game poor. Even when there is proper and interesting gameplay, the kind of graphics that you choose should help make the game better for the players, not bring in negative experiences. If implemented in a mundane and dull manner as it’s the case with most games, the effects can be catastrophic. This problem can be attributed to developers who want to make video games look more like those cinematic options that are found out there.


Well, the graphics help to elevate a game, but they cannot be considered to be in the grand scheme of things. So the next time you will be picking a game, don’t just use the cool graphics that are on the cover of the videos to make a choice. For the unforeseeable future, people will be playing games that have bad graphics because graphics are not the only thing that matters.

By Manali