In most cases, we hear people say that one is better than another without properly weighing a whole lot of things that are attached to them. The question of which is better between SEO and google ads depends on some factors and also their similarities and differences. 

Have you been wondering lately which is better between both of them? Are you in a confused state because of this subject matter? You do not have to worry because in this article, you will get to understand both of them and how they work. This way, you would be able to judge right between the both of them.

Factors To Consider 

Why do you want to learn either of the two?

There must be a reason why you are willing to learn either of the two skills which is why the question is coming at this time. What are the reasons for you to learn them? If you can provide a sincere answer to why you want to learn then your decision making process would be easy.

Time frame

If you are someone who doesn’t have much time and you want to learn either of these great skills then it is best that you check out the time taken to learn any of them and no doubt, it would affect your decision making.


Technicality of each of these courses is a thing to consider. A person might be able to assimilate SEO faster while another might not be able to and vice versa. Knowing which would work best for you is something to look out for when you want to pick.

Differences And Similarities Between SEO And Google Ads

The both of them are content tools

For effective digital marketing, using SEO and Google ads would be an effective tool to market a brand or a product. The both of them would actually give yields which turns out to make the both of them effective.

SEO takes time to yield results while google ads give almost an instantaneous result

SEO is known to be a tool that gives organic results over time as you use it. Consistency is one of the things that would drive the results to come. The process of generating results does not come in a day so it has to be a steady practice while google ads generate almost an instantaneous result. This is because it is a pay per click model therefore, yields are expected to be generated at once.

Long and short term differences

If you target using SEO, you are bound to have a long lasting authority in the web space or as regards your product. When it comes to google ads, it can come perfectly well for short term adverts that need to be seen by people instantly.

Conclusively, no one is said to be better than another. It is best to understand their uses, and how they operate. This way you are not left in a confused state because you already know about the both of them

By Manali