The instructions for beginning the Vykas Legion Raid Phase 2 – Gate 2 are presented in a format that is very similar to that of step-by-step guides.

To be eligible to participate in the raid at either the Easy or the Hard difficulty level, cheap lost ark gold is necessary to fulfill these prerequisites.

In addition to this, it is strongly recommended that all eight players in the two groups of four have the ability to communicate with one another. During this stage of the competition, the mechanics will section off the playing field into three separate areas, each of which will have a distinctively different layout for the playing surface. As a consequence of this, there will be no opportunity for misunderstandings at any point in time.

Vykas Legion Raid Sidereal Skills
The person in charge of leading the raid during the Vykas Legion Raid has access to three different Sidereal skills, and they are free to make use of any one of these abilities at their own discretion:

The boss takes a significant amount of damage from Nineveh, which results in the boss losing a significant amount of hit points.

1. The capacity of Inanna to restore health to all members of the party as well as lessen the total amount of damage taken by the party as a whole

2.  The initial section of the mission is made up entirely of the different attacks that Vykas is able to use up until the point where her health bar is low enough to activate the first mechanic in the mission

3.  The difficulty shifts after that point in time

4.  Following that, we will proceed to the section that comes after that one

5.  The first five players should each grab an orb, and the remaining three players should position themselves so that they are in close proximity to the area where the clones are so that they can keep an eye on how far the clones have progressed

6.  Clone progress can be monitored by the remaining three players

The purpose of this mechanic is for you to approach the shadow clones in the correct order depending on the orientation of the clones’ wings and which color of glyphs gets the majority as these spots will be the safe spots for the incoming attacks. The order in which you approach the shadow clones is determined by the orientation of the clones’ wings and which color of glyphs gets the majority. The direction in which the wings of the shadow clones are facing and the color of the glyphs that receive the majority of the votes determine the order in which you approach the shadow clones. The color that is most prevalent among the glyphs will, in part, determine how you should approach the shadow clones, which will in turn determine how you should approach them. You are obligated to move forward in a manner that is consistent with these instructions, which are as follows:

In the event that the red glyph receives the majority of the vote, it is preferable to have two wings as opposed to just one wing or none at all. This is because having two wings allows the glyph to better represent its meaning.

In the event that the purple glyph receives the majority of votes, the following order will be carried out:no wings > 1 wing > 2 wings

It is only permissible for a player to pick up a single orb at a time; if they try to do so while also picking up another orb, they will lose their life immediately.

After the parties have finished dealing with this mechanic, they need to continue their efforts to bring Vykas’ health down to x65 HP so that they are prepared for the subsequent phase of the battle.

As soon as Vykas reaches x65 Health Points, he will make his way back to the arena’s center and summon three copies of his shadow self. Vykas will then begin to attack the other players. After that, Vykas will proceed with the battle in its current state.

It is imperative that you pay attention to the pulses if you want to get the most out of this mechanic. The sequence of the pulses indicates the order in which the clones will fire their shots, so paying attention to the pulses will tell you what order the clones will fire in.

The catch is that if a player blocks more than one black orb, they will immediately have their life taken away from them. When they block more than one black orb, this outcome is guaranteed to occur. In addition, there are a total of only eight players, which indicates that the players will be divided in a manner that is analogous to 3-3-2.

Vykas Gate 2 Attack Patterns
During each phase of the battle, Vykas will carry out a variety of attacks in the spaces left between the various mechanical elements. These spaces will be created by the mechanical elements. The voids will serve as the staging ground for these assaults.

Backstab + Dash
Backstabbing is a move that lost ark gold Vykas can perform by teleporting behind an opponent and then stabbing them from behind. Vykas’s ability to perform this move comes from the fact that he was named after the move. Vykas was given the ability to perform this move as a result of the fact that he was given his name after the move.

Backflip + Spin Uppercut
Vykas will perform a backflip in order to get behind her opponent, and then she will perform a spin uppercut, which will cause her opponent to be launched upwards. The combination of these two moves will cause the opponent to be launched upwards. The opponent of Vykas will be propelled upwards by the combination of these two moves. If you combine these two moves and use them together, your opponent will be launched upwards by the combination of the two moves. If you are unable to stop her, she will immediately switch to another method of assault if you are unsuccessful in stopping her. If you are unable to stop her, she will immediately switch to another method of assault.

The elements that make up this mixed technique are a dash, an uppercut, and a cross explosion. Her ability to immediately launch another attack after she has finished the one she was already working on is one of the defining characteristics that she possesses.

By Manali