Thinking of throwing up a grand party this month but wondering what the decor should be like? You can surely contact some party planners, but who would want to waste their pockets if they could handle the job themselves? Yes, you guessed it, right. 

You can transform yourself into a complete party planner for your next grand ball, and amaze everyone with your choice of decor. 

Once you are done finalizing the theme of the party, the next job is to get the decor right. Purchase or decorate stuff according to the finalized theme and turn your place into a perfect party-house within some hours of work. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t need to spend exuberantly on the decor.

 If you have a crafty self, inside you, you can use almost everything available in your house and get the party going!

Balloons Hanging On Ends Of A Card

This pretty looking mini DIY decor item can be placed in every corner or on every wooden slank and you can be sure of their beauty. They look explicitly beautiful and making them is not difficult either. You’ll enjoy the process of making them and your guests will love these.

All you need to do is grab a hardened sheet, paint them matte, and maybe try some calligraphy skills on them. The card is visually ready!

The next step is to pierce the top ends of the card and insert a ribbon in both of them. Tie one end of the ribbon to a balloon of your choice and tie the other end to the hole you made on the card.

You can use balloons of various shapes, sizes, and colors, but if you are going ahead with a contemporary party, using matte balloons would be the best.  

Using Empty Jars

Empty jars of various shapes and sizes can prove to be the ultimate decor enhancers for our next party.

You can use your empty cream jars, kitchen jars, glass jars, everything possible, decorate your house with them. This method is absolutely pocket-friendly and takes no time. You can use the jars as candles or as vases, whichever way you like.

All you need to do is get a basic glass jar, paint it with acrylic colours, and decorate it. Make as many as you wish. Next, put in fake or original flowers or plants and use them on your tables or any of your corners.

To use them as candles, you can color them too, or skip the coloring part. As you like. Put in a candle and light them just before the party starts.

The light will change the vibe of the place entirely and make the place more romantic and worth time-spending.

Create Your Own Wall Hangings

The way your walls look determines how your party goes! Make sure you decorate them with some easy-to-make DIY wall hangings. 

Now, wall hangings can range from large to small, circular to rectangular, straight, or curvy. The internet has the ultimate videos; you can use them to design these for your walls and decorate your houses with them.

Serve Them Better!

The next important thing that matters at a party after the decor is ‘food’. Agreed? Now, what would you say if we mix them both and create the ‘food decor’. Sounds interesting already, right!

Enhance the way you serve food to your guests at your parties. Use ribbons or flowers while serving them on the platters. They will love it!

Lights- You Just Can’t Go Wrong With Them!

Lights add all the necessary glow to your parties. The look and vibe of a place completely changes as soon as it is lit up by candles or electric lights. So who would think of not using them at their parties?

If you want your party to be a bash, make sure to use electric lights everywhere! You can use them to light up your walls; you can place a tree in a corner and light it up too. 

The jars you decorate with colors can be enhanced by using lights of multiple colors and tying them around the vases or candles. This will bring that contemporary modern vibe to your place.

The Glitter!

Party, and no glitter? Sounds saddening right? Using glitter ribbons and balloons and placing them on one of your walls will bring the heat to your next party.

Use balloons that have a metallic color on them, gold or silver, tie them together, and hang them wherever you want in your rooms. Make bunches of them and randomly hang them in the corners of your house. 

They will steal the show. Your guests won’t stop praising you for throwing such an amazing party.

For Your Kids’ Party

If you are throwing a party for your kids, use the crafts they made to decorate your place and motivate your kids at the same time. You can sit along with your children and let them make and decide the decor for their parties. This will not only save your money but bring your family closer too.


These DIY ideas are all that you need to upgrade your party decor this time. They won’t take up much of your time, much of your energy or money, but still, make you the star of your own party.

Make sure to add your imagination to these and customize them as per your needs. Party decor is an essential factor in determining the vibe of your place, and you cannot afford to go wrong with it. 

Use these ideas, throw up a party that everybody remembers for times to come. Who would want to spend their entire time and energy working in the kitchen or in planning the decor and miss out on all the fun? No one is right! 

Get yourself some me-time by adopting themes and decor that look amazing, are pocket-friendly, and take the least imaginable time.

By Manali