The second wave of covid has recorded higher numbers of deaths than the beginning phase. The deadly virus has not only led people to death but also caused a financial slump. Many small businesses have lost their customers due to lockdown and even they have suffered due to shutdown. Unluckily, the WHO experts have declared that coronavirus will stay forever in the world. So, in order to protect the economy, it becomes important to follow modern business trends. Many individuals have now chosen to start trades that have lower risks especially at the time of lockdown. So, if you are also working on this scenario, then here are some top business ideas for you that are lucrative. In this post, you will get to know about them below so keep on reading. 

Online Coaching Classes

It is the best franchise business idea that you can take into consideration. Coaching is the best way to teach the individuals that want added support for academics. So, if you have qualifications and experience then you can start this business. You can think about investing in the franchise model for NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Due to the covid lockdown, the trend of online coaching has become wild. 

So, you can deliver tutoring services for the competitive exams to the aspirants for defense employment. You can consult with a good franchisor to hold the agency and can make a huge income. For this business, you only require a laptop, an online internet connection, and skills. With a meager investment, you can commence the business. For training at the beginning phase, you can attend a few sessions by the franchisors that are engaged in competitive exam coaching. 

Sell Herbal Medicines

India is a land of Ayurveda medicine. In ancient times, people used herbal medicines and treatments for various health ailments. But, the modern science of allopathy has deprived the use of Ayurveda. However, people were not much aware of the power of herbal medicines. But, during the time of covid, they have made significant use of these medicines to boost natural immunity. You can reach out to halibuy for such herbal medicines. 

Now, they have started using this medication again since it does not have side effects like allopathic. Herbal medicines are safer and more cost-effective than allopathic medications. So, in order to run a money-making business, you can consider a franchise of Ayurveda supplements and drugs. You can earn a good income with this business. It is also a low-investment business that can come up with higher returns. 

Become an IELTS Tutor

You can become an IELTS tutor in order to serve individuals with coaching that want to go abroad to study. Studying abroad is the highest trend among young individuals who want to explore more career opportunities overseas. You can get an education franchise in India for IELTS preparations. For this franchise, you have to invest first in the initial phase. But, once you have established the academy it gives you long-run financial benefits. You can coach students with listening, reading, writing, and speaking to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. 

Sell Dairy Products

You can start a franchise of dairy products as there are giant brands that offer franchises in various products. The demand for milk, cheese, and buttermilk will always remain in the Indian market. So, with an initial investment, you can earn a good income as an associate of popular dairy brands. You can get multiple agencies of dairy products on different names as well.

Start a YouTube Channel

Social media has become one of the greatest giants in the world. Many individuals have used this platform during the lockdown period of the second corona wave. It is the best platform that has provided people with useful information about improving body immunity. Many individuals also used it during lockdown to learn fitness exercises to maintain their good health. It is also beneficial in many forms to learn different skills in food making, art and craft, watching movies, and entertainment, etc. 

So, if you want to make it a primary source of income, you can start a YouTube channel. You do not need to go anywhere to operate it. You can post educational videos online by choosing a good niche. It is the best-earning platform if you have dedication, patience, and knowledge. You might also need an ultimate drive increaser to increase your storage space. 

To conclude, these are the leading franchise ideas that can prove really beneficial from the financial aspect. They will not affect with covid lockdown and can provide consistent income without any glitches. So, stop thinking and start acting to achieve your goals.

By Manali

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