If you are someone who is in love with vintage home decor and wish your room to look like one, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the best ways you can get that vintage decor.

You will not need interior decoration or too many expensive items.

It is DIY!


It will work!

Get The Look!

No more envying the catalogs of Architectural Digest. Now, you can DIY the vintage room for yourself.

1. The Wood Undertone

Wood is a signature of vintage decors, and if you want to see your small white room turn into a vintage escape, then you have to embrace wood. No, we are not asking you to quote your entire room in wood, but there are elements of it that you can add here and there.

If you are having trouble understanding where these are coming from, then here is what you will. You will need software from which you can get the virtual representation of your room. This will allow you to decorate your house virtually and give you a better idea of what looks good and what doesn’t. 

One such software is Planner 5D, and yes, you have to buy it. But, with thenewpiratebay.org you can download it for free.

Some of the great ways you can add wood to your room are-

– Wooden furniture (obviously).

– Wooden ladders for a bookshelf.

– Wooden accent wall.

However, if you wish to make your walls look more vintage, we have something better.

2. Tea-Stained Aesthetic

The term vintage is wine. But, in an aesthetic sense, it means something old which has aged like a fine wine. One such aesthetic would be the tea-stained decor. Since something old generally turns into that generic tea-stained color.

– Old letters.

– Pages of a book.

– Walls.

So, if you are planning to get that vintage look, why not deliberately get that aesthetic only? The accent we were talking about, you can have it with the tea-stained texture. Either plain or if you wish to add any vintage pattern according to your character or taste, that could be done.

3. Miscellaneous Items

Vintage miscellaneous items are a great way to add that antique character to your room. Plus, they are a convenient way to try Vintage DIY when your budget doesn’t have too much to spare.

– If you want to have a wooden vanity feel, then take your old vanity and fashion it with wooden contact paper.

– Vintage lamps and yellow lights will remind us of the time when we didn’t have white light.

– Nets around the bed. You can get them cheap, and they will give you a Victorian feel.

– Candles to further down the lane in time. 

4. Vanity & Desks

If you cannot do anything else to your room, then simply add a vintage vanity and a vintage working desk. They will do an excellent job in adding that element to your room.

Plus, vintage vanities look very elegant, With folding mirrors, delicately crafted drawers, and cabinets. If you love collecting vintage items, then you can buy one from your local vintage store.

Plus, you can thrift some of the best vintage vanity items to decorate the vanity. The same goes for a desk. Just imagine quills, inkpots, tea stains appearing, Typewriter style keyboard.

What else do you need?

Choose An Era

If you are going for a vintage look for your bedroom, it is very important to choose the right ear. Since vintage means anything old with a hint of retro, you cannot make a smoothie of all the era and splash it into your room.

This will just make your room look unnecessarily tacky. So, why not go through some catalogs? Scour over the internet, experiment with the Planner 5D, and decide upon a genre first.

Whether you want the Victorina touch!

The Regency era!


Full on 50s retro vibe.

By Manali