Watches are essential to fashion now more than ever for both men and women alike. A valuable accessory to own by an individual, it is one of the possessions that one can pass down to the upcoming generations. Even though in a time where almost everyone relies on their smartphone to check and tell the time, nothing beats the luxury and class of owning a charming and quality wristwatch. 

When it comes to designing exclusive performance and funky timepieces, nothing beats the brand of Tommy Hilfiger. The brand meticulously produces a myriad of watches that are both of stylistic value and catches up easily with the latest trends. An absolute value for money, the worth of Tommy Hilfiger watch price is of great significance, granting the brand has already pioneered other markets such as fragrance, jewelry and sunglasses. 

About The History

Tommy Hilfiger is a well-established brand in the niche of luxury and lifestyle that emulates the American cool style and sense. The same can be seen throughout their collection of watches with a gentle touch of preppy style and inspiration from Hollywood’s pop culture. Tommy Hilfiger watches are an ideal pick for those who love to collect watches and have a keen eye for the current trends in fashion. The brand was named after its founder Tommy Hilfiger himself who still heads the fashion designing team for the business. With a customer base in more than 100 different countries across 5 continents, the brand continues to develop and grows its presence in the world. 

That being said, here are the top three major factors how the street-style luxury brand consolidated its existence in the horological industry:

The Flare of the 80s

Tommy Hilfiger watches showcase a holistic approach to reviving the 70s flares and lovable 80s-style watches in full swing. An integral part of their fashionable catalog, this throwback to the 80s style has highly enticed the customer base that loves the authentic, suave displays, the assortment of plain hands running on quartz and automatic movements, as well as, dynamic watch bands composed of both formal and funky styles. 

The best part of this revival seen in Tommy Hilfiger watches is that they offer an individual a wide scope to decide how well the reappropriation of the retro style will fit the ongoing latest trends. Take, for example, you could opt for a Tommy Hilfiger Men Owen Round White Watch paired with a Tux and Ray-Bans, an ethnic Tommy Hilfiger Men West Round White Watch with some fresh pair of Sneakers, or whatever suits your style the best. Tommy Hilfiger watch price offers the best value for money when it comes to blending retro with the latest trends and exploring your own style. 

The Role of Vintage Fashion

To some extent, the role of the vintage touch is similar to the 80s revival as it rediscovers the gems of a stylistic period from past decades. However, there is one particular difference in how Tommy Hilfiger incorporates the former in its range of fashion watches – they are timeless. The brand understands that if the design of their watches reflects 100% of a previous era, it will look like they are fresh out of a movie set or a time capsule. As the vintage charm keeps on living despite the fact that the world is changing continuously, it allows watchmakers to make something new from them. Tommy Hilfiger round analog watches such as Tommy Hilfiger Women Haven Round Rose Gold and Tommy Hilfiger Men Jimmy Round Blue watches are great examples of this. Simple and unpretentious, these timepieces stand out on the challenge of blending with a modern-day casual look. 

An Ode to Minimalism

This popular adage just keeps on invigorating the modern-day watch aficionados and Tommy Hilfiger is right at the forefront of the “less is more” concept. There are many Tommy Hilfiger watches that showcase a lot of white, blue and black dial styles, but also smaller diameters. Some of the bestseller watches that reveal this minimalistic approach are Tommy Hilfiger Women Avery Round Pink Watch and Tommy Hilfiger Men James Round Black Watch. The sleek, slim stainless casing with quartz movement gives them a feel of a much more lightweight yet substantial timepiece. So, if you are looking to buy a new wristwatch that will sit comfortably on your wrist all day long, now is the time to check the latest discounts on the Tommy Hilfiger watch price.

Final Thoughts

Being a watch brand on the luxury end, an average Tommy Hilfiger watch price is quite reasonable given the modernity and versatility it brings within a compact timepiece. Tommy Hilfiger watches live up to the top aspects that make a quality watch – they are strong, sleek and timeless and that’s why you are sure to get the perfect pick that will help in accentuating your style.  

By Manali