Baking is a very technical and difficult art of cooking and it takes years to master its techniques. Not only that is a difficult task, but keeping baked goods fresh for a long time and storing them properly is even more difficult. Many baked items like French baguette loaf, pastries, and cookies are mostly served fresh. That’s why in top baked items a proper cooling system is needed. That’s why many bakeries hire ac installation companies to manage the temperature of their storage cabins. But it takes more than just the cooling system to keep and store baked items in ideal it’s

Cooling them down totally 

As baked items can easily be ruined by moisture, that is why one of the most important things is to cool them down completely before storing them in jars, packets or boxes. Because if they are packed while still warm their evaporated moisture will store inside the packaging and will make them soggy and also affect their texture and taste.

Storing them separately 

Different baked goods have different textures and different moisture levels in them. That is why it is important to store all different items in the different storage units. For example, if cake and cookies are stored in the same unit the moisture of the cake will affect the crispiness of the cookies as the cake has more moisture than the cookies. That is why only items of one nature can be stored in the same unit like different flavoured cookies can be stored together but they should not be stored with cakes or soft bread.

Checking humidity and temperature

Humidity and temperature can ruin the quality and texture of baked goods. As different level of humidity and temperature is required for the different deserts high humidity rate can ruin the baked macaron, cookies and meringue. On the other hand, storing frostings and buttercreams in a place, where the temperature is high, will ruin their texture. That is why it is very important to keep in mind that temperature and humidity levels should be appropriate for the baked goods for them to stay fresh.

Appropriate freezing methods

As most of the desserts are served chilled, that’s why it is important to know how much freezing is required. As it’s not suitable to freeze items like fondant cakes and cookies should not be frozen at a very low temperature before frosting as the process of freezing will ruin their texture and taste. 


Baking a good treat is work that takes lots of patience and mastery. And it is very easy to ruin a desert by doing a stupid blunder that is why all of the given tips are very beneficial because these little desserts change the whole bathat’sme. Bakeries spend a lot of money on proper cooling and storing systems as a little mistake can ruin a whole lot of baked products which can harm their business financially and also can ruin their reputation.

By Manali