Every year, it seems that there are new social trends that emerge and it is always interesting to see what these are and why they have become popular. There are many reasons why social trends emerge, including global events like the pandemic, technological developments, celebrity culture, the media and internet culture. So, what are a few of the biggest social trends right now? There are dozens of new social trends that have emerged in the last few years with many of these developing as a result of the pandemic along with a few other factors. This post will take a look at a few of the biggest social trends right now.


Perhaps the biggest social trend seen around the world right now is sustainability. People are realizing the very serious consequences of environmental damage and climate change and it is a topic that is constantly in the news. As a result, people are finding ways to be more sustainable in their lives to do their part to reduce environmental damage. There are many big and small ways to do this, such as:

  • Vegan diet
  • Solar power
  • Choosing eco-friendly brands
  • Driving less/electric cars
  • Reducing plastic usage
  • Growing your own fruit and veg

Prioritizing Mental Health

In a time when many people have been suffering with their mental health because of the many problems happening around the world, it is hardly surprising that mental health is a major social trend right now. People are much more open about the mental health issues that they are struggling with as well as taking positive decisions in their life to improve mental health, including regular exercise, self-care, drinking less or no alcohol and speaking to a therapist.


Vaping is an activity that seems to grow in popularity each year both among those looking to quit, ex-smokers and even those that have never smoked before. There is now a strong vaping culture and community to become a part of and many people find it to be an activity that can help them explore new things. You can buy all kinds of different vape e-liquids online at places like EVAPO and it can be a fun experience to try different flavors as well as try the different devices available nowadays. 


With international travel being restricted for the last few years, it is easy to see why so many people are packing a suitcase and jetting off to places around the world. Many have been planning a special vacation during the pandemic and in 2022 are now able to leave the country and enjoy the benefits of travel. On top of this, staycations are still a popular trend and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. 

Currently, these are a few of the biggest social trends in 2022 and it is interesting to see how they have emerged. A lot has and is changing about the world, and this is resulting in people changing the way in which they live their lifestyle with the above being a few of the most notable trends.

By Manali