If you have ever visited a factory you can see labor doing different tasks in the making of a single product. The company’s owner divides labor among various experts. Each playing his role in the area of his expertise. This is how everything runs smoothly and labor is divided rather than a single person doing all the tasks. Working in a form of the team improves performance thus a quality work is achieved. The same is the case in the medical field. A single patient requires various specialists to recover after a surgery.

The Best Orthopedic Surgeon Works In The Form Of Team

How can we define orthopedics and an orthopedic surgeon?

Orthopedics is a branch of medical sciences that deals with the musculoskeletal system of the human body. It engulfs the study of joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and also nerves in detail. Orthopedic doctors help to diagnose disease and try to treat bone injury or disease with medicines. If the case is beyond his control, he immediately recommends consulting an orthopedic surgeon. Whereas orthopedic surgeons also diagnose and recommend surgery if needed. These surgeries involve arthroscopy, partial or total joint replacement, hip replacement surgery, shoulder and rotator cuff surgery, hand and wrist surgery, and ACL.

Importance of teamwork

We are humans, we cannot specialize in all the fields nor can do every work with our own hands in the field. A person always needs to work in coordination with other experts to attain the best results. Especially in the medical field discussion and taking opinions from other medical specialists to treat the patient properly is sometimes necessary. The best orthopedic surgeon in Lahore works in coordination with other medical experts to help the patient recover fast after surgery.

Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore

Medical specialists require to make a strong orthopedics team

For the betterment of patients following experts are important to build a perfect team.

General internal medicine or primary care doctor

Primary care doctor is considered a first-aid doctor. He specializes in general internal medicine to treat disease immediately before it gets worse. These doctors are helpful as they can be visited for routine checkups to keep a person healthy. If the disease is chronic they prescribe the respective medical specialist to consult for further treatment. Such doctors share a huge burden on the shoulders of orthopedic surgeons. As orthopedic surgeons are loaded with work they don’t have time to check patients with mild problems. So primary care doctors provide medicinal treatment to such patients first hand.

Orthopedic surgeon

The main lead of this team is an orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in bone and muscles related diseases and injuries. When a patient gets to him, he diagnoses the matter and provides treatment accordingly. However, he also prefers to treat with medicine at first. The best ,Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore like Dr. MA Wajid, Dr. M Tariq Sohail, and many more have good communication with their Co-workers. They work in coordination with their team members to ensure the healthy life of the patients.


The inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are categorized as rheumatic diseases. In this condition, our immune system attacks the muscles, organs, joints, and bones of the body. Most commonly we know this disease as arthritis. A rheumatologist specializes in the field of rheumatology. He treats rheumatic diseases especially arthritis that badly affects bones and joints. A rheumatologist takes care of the patient after surgery so he does not develop rheumatic disease.

orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon

Physical therapist

Physical therapists work on systems that are related to motion like neuromuscular, muscles, skeleton, joints, ligament, and cardiopulmonary system. After orthopedic surgery, the joint may freeze if not moved for long. Moreover, slightly doing exercise helps to regain mobility faster. Such a facility is provided by a physical therapist who provides physical therapy to patients so he recovers fast. Physical therapies improve blood circulation to the treated joint. In this way the wound heals faster, nerves don’t get numb, and the joint doesn’t freeze.

Primary care doctor who specializes in sports medicine

Some primary care doctors got special training to treat injuries regarding the musculoskeletal system. Such injuries are very common among athletes. This primary care doctor can diagnose the problem and is also helpful in suggesting whether the injured or diseased part needs an orthopedic surgery or not.

Occupational therapist

This is another useful therapy that makes a patient mentally strong so he can get back to normal life soon after treatment. Surgery not only physically but also mentally affects a patient. Perfect guidance and counseling are required. Purposeful activity is provided by occupational therapists to patients after orthopedic surgery. This helps to support the patients emotionally, making them physically strong and overcome disabilities. The occupational therapist evaluates the condition of the patient and provides a proper activity plan to them for practice on a daily basis.


A physiatrist is a physical medicine specialist. He helps the person disabled due to injury or disease. Physiatrist uses physical therapy and medicine to return patients to a healthy life with good mobility.

Must have team members

Other members in an orthopedic team without which patient care is impossible are nurses, assistant physicians, nurse practitioners. They provide day and night duty to keep the patient’s environment clean and healthy. Also, look after the small needs of patients and immediately inform doctors in case of emergency.

Other specialists required on demand

As our backbone encloses the spinal cord. The spinal cord contains nerves that serve as a path for sending and bringing messages to the brain. So for spine surgery, an orthopedic surgeon may need to consult a neurosurgeon for assistance. Some disabilities may also be due to nerve damage. Severe injuries to the joint sometimes also damage nerve endings which can be treated by a neurosurgeon. In this case, an orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon work side by side to treat the patient. Sudden hits to the skull may also damage the brain in such conditions neuro and orthopedic surgeon collaboration is needed.


Teamwork always brings in good results. The best orthopedic surgeons in Lahore have good communication skills, they behave nicely with their coworkers and work in coordination with other specialists for the betterment of patients. Because they know the importance of life and how important our mobility is to live a normal and successful life.

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