Mobile apps are not a new concept in the healthcare industry, but they got popular in recent times. Various leading names in the industry launched their mobile apps for doctors, streamlining their operations and helping them increase their revenue. Even though the basic features of every app are the same, the difference lies in its user interface. Moreover, some apps also have additional features to offer the utmost convenience.

With the surge in demand and the use of apps for doctors in India, plenty of options came into the digital market. So it gets challenging to choose which app is the best and help manage the clinic appointments and other tasks better. To make a fair choice, you can check the features of the app.

Major features every mobile app for doctors must have

The apps that doctors use are all about their features. If you get the best features, you know you have the best mobile app for doctors.

Following are the features that all apps that doctors use must-have.

Consultation Options

The idea is to reach the patients from anywhere, anytime. For this to happen, the app should provide different consultation options. Make sure you get a convenient video, voice, and chat option to connect with your patients. It will ensure that your patients can choose the option as per the convenience, and consultation can get better.

Profile Features

For anyone to finalize which doctor is the best, the doctor’s profile needs to be elaborate. Choose an app that lets you fill in all the information; so that the patients visiting it can see and decide if your specialization is what they have been looking for. At the same time, relevant information about the patient should also be available. Furthermore, pay attention to the data protection features. As people will provide their personal information, data security is vital.

Appointment Management

As you plan to set up the digital clinic, it is vital to manage clinic appointments through the app. Ensure that the app has the option from where your patients can book the appointment. Once the slot gets booked, the doctor dashboard should get a notification about it. Furthermore, it is vital if the app offers an appointment reminder feature also. It will help you avoid no-shows and will create a professional impression.

Online Prescription

When the consultation happens through a digital platform, you need to provide the prescription through it. The apps for doctors in India should allow the e-prescription creation and sharing feature. Some of the apps also offer an auto suggestion for quick prescription writing. You can share it with the patient over there within seconds.

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Data Management

It is a bewildering task to manage patient data. It includes the data related to medical history, insurance claims, and treatment details. However, keeping all this data is convenient through the apps. It gets saved on the patient’s profile, and the doctor can access it with a few clicks. The feature saves a lot of money as you need not hire any staff to manage the data. Moreover, it reduces the risk of errors as technology rarely makes a mistake!

User Interface

Even though many apps can offer the features mentioned above, only a few offer it in a better way! The user interface or the design of the app decides its usability. It has to be smooth, easily understandable, and fun to use. For this, you need to read reviews and ratings of people already using the app. Moreover, you can also get the demos and go through the entire app before listing over it. Understand that the user interface is not only for the use of a doctor. The patients will also come and use the app only if it is convenient to use.

Every mobile app for doctors to manage clinic appointments and other tasks need to have the above-mentioned features. So do your research and pick the best app like Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor App to yield maximum benefits. The best apps offer a demo that you can request before finalizing the app.

Take the demo, finalize the app and create a profile for a better service and enhanced revenue! It is a beneficial change in the health sector with a win-win situation for everyone.

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