The world population is carrying a lot of luggage. The burden of being ill or suffering a disability is heavy. If not taken off at the earliest, then the weight will only increase.

Every country’s economic policy and productivity depend on how its population feels. The GDP of trillions cannot be achieved with a workforce that remains tired and sick for the majority of the time.

Less fortunate countries are observed to have been suffering more than developed countries. It may be difficult to build a bridge but one can start working on it.

Physiotherapy comes into the picture by playing different roles. The sentiment is shared by all the physiotherapists in Calgary where they agree to do whatever they can to make the world a better place.

How Does Physiotherapy Help In Global Health?

The work of making this world a better place starts with Physiotherapists extending their participation. The different roles that play are discussed below.


Physiotherapists educate their patients about different aspects of life. For instance, sharing details about workplace injuries helps employers to take all the possible precautionary measures.

It further ensures that employees don’t panic about missing their job due to any severe workplace injury. Faster recovery is made possible when all the patients have been educated on what they must do after getting injured.

Management of lifestyle-related issues is another department that physiotherapists can educate their patients about. It includes obesity and heart issues. Such illnesses take a toll on the health sector even though they can be easily prevented.

People expect physiotherapists to give them advice related to physical activities. Since not everyone is a fan of sports, they may be looking for more methods to stay physically active.


Governments are constantly looking for professionals to help them with different departments. Policies can be drafted easily but they will be ineffective without the insights of the professionals.

As a consultant, physiotherapists can assist the Government to cover everything that is essential. Urban planners also reach out to Physiotherapists before taking a call on their new projects. The city may be in need of a new public park instead of a mall.

Physiotherapists can additionally consult their patients at the basic levels. People visit their clinics for treatments without realizing that the problem is something else. They can be referred to another practitioner by a physiotherapist.

It requires identifying the initial stages of a condition. Frequent pain in the legs or improper coordination can be a sign of neurological issues.


Screening needs to be silent otherwise it creates panic in the minds of the people. Certain visible symptoms of HIV/AIDs, for instance, may go unnoticed by the patient. A physiotherapist can screen them and break the news to the patient calmly.

The same applies to mental health. Mental illness causes pain, the origin of which cannot be justified by the patient. Regular visits by a patient must be scrutinized by the physiotherapist.

Every injury has a story especially if it is caused by physical abuse. Patients hesitate to share it with the doctors under the assumption that their image will be humiliated. Global cases of physical and sexual abuse are on the rise. They can only be controlled if such injuries are screened and reported on time.

The job of a physiotherapist surely has a wider horizon than one can imagine.


Being an advocate involves a person representing others on a particular subject. Physiotherapists can take this stand for society. Governments seek an estimate of how many resources a country lacks.
Such estimates are better prepared and shared by physiotherapists. Physiotherapy helps in global health only if it is allowed a reasonable level of engagement. Professionals can draft and implement health-related programs.

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