Do you know that you are responsible for protecting yourself beyond what security agents do? This is not because the security agents are not doing their job but because there would be times when you would have to take deliberate actions to save yourself.

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Do you know that there are personal security tips you could follow to ensure fewer emergency cases? If you want to learn about personal security tips, stick to this article!

Personal Security Tips

Be at alert 

You should not be walking on the road like the road owner. You shouldn’t be walking carelessly, and also you should not walk without being mindful of the environment you’re in. I am saying that you should walk in any environment, conscious of it. 

Do not walk with earbuds on

Most people love to listen to music while walking on the road, but it is important to note that listening to music might be a form of distraction when you are on the road. It could distract you from the road and the people around such an environment. If you are listening to songs while walking on the road, it would just make you unaware of whatever is happening there.

Do not press your phone while walking

A lot of people are fond of doing this! Pressing their phone while walking on the road. It is not safe because your phone could be snatched away by people on the road. Also, pressing your phone on the road could cause a road accident. You are unaware of whatever is happening on the road. 

Avoid walking in lonely streets at night.

You should ensure that you do not walk in lonely places at night. When you are in a street or estate, ensure that you do not walk alone and also do not go to very quiet places alone. There could be harmful people there, or something funny might just happen, and you won’t be happy with the outcome.

Tell people where you are headed.

At least two of your family members or friends should be aware of where you are going and who you will meet there. Do not walk in isolation because if there is an emergency, these people will be summoned first. Ensure you let them know where you are going and that things will be okay.

Ensure you know more than one exit out of a place

In cases of emergency like fire or any form of accident, a second exit should be available, and you should know some of those ways out. Do not just rely on one means of exit in any place you find yourself. Discover other means out.

If you can follow all of these things, there is a tendency for you to stay out of trouble. Do not go out without being conscious of the environment and the people around there.

By Manali