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Nova City Islamabad is a new neighborhood in the vicinity of Islamabad that is being developed by Nova City developers. The CPEC road, Fateh Jang Road, and the Rawalpindi Ring Road are all nearby. The society was intended and built to be centrally positioned between both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The Nova developers want to open the society soon, with all of the most luxurious amenities available at reasonable pricing. We strongly urge you to invest in Nova City Islamabad right away because the comparatively ordinary plot prices will fluctuate rapidly and may rise as the quantity of customers for plots in society increases.

Owners and developers of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City is a project in Islamabad being developed by Nova City developers. The organization, which is a well-known property developer, is developing Nova City Islamabad. They have a reputation for building high-quality infrastructure.

Nova city NOC Status

The competent authorities have yet to obtain the No Objection Certificate for Nova City Islamabad (NOC). The NOC is a source of anxiety for any housing plan, as well as investors. This is due to the fact that acquiring a NOC legalises a residential society and develops confidence among members and developers.

Nova City Housing Group Islamabad’s popularity would leap to new heights if the NOC is granted. The advertising phase of the Nova society is in full swing, and investors are scrambling to acquire their share of the low-cost plots.

Nova City Islamabad is conveniently placed near the newly constructed Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route. Ring Road acts as the entry, while CPEC serves as the society’s opposite end. The society is strategically positioned, making it easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The M-2 highway, which connects Lahore and Islamabad, also provides easy access, making it more enticing to residents and investors. The Nova City Islamabad map is easy to navigate.

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The new Islamabad International Airport is about a 5-minute drive away. The close proximity of the airports appeals to frequent passengers. Nova City must be designed for businesses who want to reside in a location with convenient transportation and communication. Nova City Islamabad appears to be at a place where three dams, Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam, are all close by. Another benefit of its location is that it is only a few kilometres from the beautiful Kheri Moorat National Park, which spans approximately 8600 acres.

Master Plan for Islamabad’s Nova City:

According to the developers, Nova City Islamabad will open soon. Because the community’s strategic plan is still in the pre-launch stage, the creators have not made it available to the wider public.

Facilities & Amenities:

Nova City Islamabad is a well-kept residential neighborhood with all of the newest amenities, comforts, and security systems. Some of Nova City’s features are as follows:


One of the most important facilities is the mosque. It is essentially designed into the master plan so that citizens might develop and maintain a close relationship with the creator of the known universe. The builders in society will construct a magnificent mosque for the people.

Walled Entrance & Gated Community.

Residents must feel comfortable at all times, whether it is day or night, because safety is paramount. A person is protective of his or her family’s safety, and no tenant or investor will want to invest in a place that is hazardous. Security guards, CCTV cameras, and a security management command centre will ensure tight and high-standard security for the residents’ protection.

Wide Carpeted Roads:

 The Major Boulevard, streets, and roads have all been designed to make travelling safe and enjoyable. In the streets and streets, high-tech security and street lighting systems have been built. As a result of these enhancements and developments, investors will find it even more tempting.

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Zoos and Recreational Parks:

Society has fulfilled all of the needs of the families and children who live on the site. For this aim, the developers have included a well-planned zoo and easily accessible lush green parks, which will provide residents of Nova City with a green, fresh, and eco-friendly environment.

Residents will have approach to all of the society’s top-notch medical and healthcare facilities. Hospitals and clinics will provide state-of-the-art medical and emergency services, as well as highly qualified doctors and paramedics.

Nova City’s characteristics include:

The Nova City Housing Society in Islamabad has the following distinctive characteristics:

• A secure society

 • Street lights

 • Zoos and Parks

 • Graveyard

• Jogging Routes

 • Walking Tracks

• Carpeted Roads

• A private gated community

• Medical services

• Business areas

• Waste removal system

• Institutions of higher learning

 • Eco-friendly neighborhood

 • The main entryway is stunning

 • Power, gas, and water are all available.

• There are adult and children’s sports grounds; a children’s play land and play spaces; and a large and lovely main promenade.

• Fiber optics and broadband technology

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