If you have been watching football or soccer or are a fan of any other sport, you know that injuries occur particularly during sporting events. Injuries during races like the Race At Road America are also common. Injuries are a part of sports. 

This can affect all athletes despite their experience, age, and skill level. Below are the most painful sports injuries:

ACL Tears or Sprains

An ACL tear or sprain is one of the most common sports injuries. The ligament is the primary stabilizer in your knee and is responsible for supporting your knee joint when you run, jump, or land on it.

Your ACL is a large ligament that runs from your inner thigh muscle to the middle of your shinbone (tibia). It also plays a role in helping you bend and straighten your leg. 

When doing these activities, the ACL can become injured by overuse, injury to another part of the body, or even genetics.

If you suffer an ACL injury, it will likely affect your ability to use your leg for sports and recreation after it heals. The good news is that there are many treatment options available to help get you back on track with your fitness goals.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Achilles tendon rupture is one of the most painful sports injuries. It is an injury that occurs when the Achilles tendon ruptures. This can happen during a fall or while running.

Achilles tendon rupture causes pain in the front of your lower leg and around the back of your heel. It also causes severe swelling, bruising, redness around your ankle, and tenderness in the heel area.

If you have an Achilles tendon rupture, you will likely be unable to walk for about six weeks, depending on how severe it is. Although this can be painful, it does not require surgery or other medical treatment to heal over time.

Patellar Tendon Tear

The patellar tendon is a thick band of tissue that runs from your kneecap to your ankle. The patella (kneecap) is where you push your leg against the ground when you walk or run. 

This tendon connects the patella and the quadriceps muscle, which makes up part of your thigh.

A patellar tendon tear is one of the most common sports injuries and can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Heavy jumping and running
  • Contact with another player or object, such as a knee brace or cleat
  • Long-term overuse, such as playing football or hockey for hours on end every day
  • Improper use of protective gear, such as pads or braces

The Tailbone Breaks

A tailbone break is a common injury. It occurs when the tailbone gets hit during contact sports, and the force of the blow causes it to crack or break. 

The injury can be harrowing and cause severe discomfort, especially for athletes who play contact sports. The pain can last for days or weeks, but proper treatment and care can help ease the symptoms.

The most common symptom of a tailbone break is pain in the buttocks. Pain may also extend down into the legs or feet, and some people also experience numbness or tingling in these areas.

Collarbone Breaks

Collarbone breaks occur when the collarbone, or clavicle, is broken. Collar bones are located at the front of your shoulders and form a cage around your neck and shoulder area.

Collarbone breaks happen when you fall, hit your head, or get stuck in the shoulder area. They can also occur when you catch yourself on something and lose your balance.

Collarbone breaks are very painful because they affect your breathing, so you may have trouble breathing during recovery. When you’re not breathing well, it’s harder to recover from mild illnesses like colds or sore throats.

Elbow Dislocation

An elbow dislocation is one of the most painful injuries you can have. It occurs when a joint in your arm is suddenly displaced from its normal position. The dislocation often occurs at the wrist or elbow but can occur anywhere in your arm, particularly at the shoulder.

This type of injury is caused by traumatic force on the joint, such as a fall or a punch. Over time, it can also occur due to repetitive trauma to an already injured joint.

By Manali