Every single year, there is always a head coach or two that gets fired during the regular season before the regular season ends. The NFL is a very tough business when your team is not winning and the coaching is not doing what it is supposed to do. It is always talked about every single season where people debate who will be the first head coach fired.

The NFL lines for this proposition are out, and it is rather fascinating sometimes. What are the odds for coaches to be fired first in the upcoming 2022 NFL season?

Matt Rhule +225

Matt Rhule is the favorite to be the first head coach fired. He is currently the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Rhule is in his third season with this football team. He will be the favorite to be fired first for a couple of reasons, and this is not his fault in any way. Number one, his owner David Tepper, is really impatient. 

Number two, he was given a bad quarterback hand by the front office. Sam Darnold is not really good at all, and he was fools gold at the start of last season. P.J. Walker is not a great backup either, and they drafted Matt Corral in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft out of Ole Miss. They have a good defense with the Carolina Panthers, but the offense is inept and could cost Matt Rhule his job sooner rather than later.

Pete Carroll 

Pete Carroll is the second favorite to be the first head coach fired during the 2022 NFL regular season. He is the Seattle Seahawks’ head coach, and they will be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season because of their quarterback situation with Drew Lock and Geno Smith. They decided to trade quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason.

It feels like the NFL and the game of football have passed by Carroll, but he has so much power that the Seattle Seahawks may not be letting him go anytime soon. If Pete Carroll were to be fired, they would have done it after last season, or they will wait until after this season is over to do it. Seattle will not fire him during the season, so fade this bet right away.

Mike McCarthy +600

Mike McCarthy is entering his second season as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and is the third favorite to be the first head coach fired. He has had terrible clock management, and owner Jerry Jones is very impulsive at times. McCarthy could be on a very short leash if they get off to a slow start this season. Remember that clock management fiasco last season in the NFC Wild Card Round against the San Francisco 49ers?

Pepperidge Farms remembers that. That was terrible. That was why his job security was questioned after that football game. Will see how this goes but it is very unlikely that Mike McCarthy is the first head coach fired this year though.

Ron Rivera +700

Ron Rivera is the head coach of the Washington Commanders, and he is the fourth favorite Vegas NFL odds to be the first head coach fired this season. Rivera is not going to get fired midseason because owner Dan Snyder loves him like a brother, and they almost see eye-to-eye in everything. Ron Rivera runs a tight ship in Washington.

They will be a better football team this season for the Commanders, and don’t expect a firing. They just won the NFC East two years ago. 

Frank Reich +800

Frank Reich is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and has the fifth NFL odds to do so. He recently signed a contract extension last year along with general manager Chris Ballard. This doesn’t make sense unless owner Jim Irsay becomes really impulsive as he did with the quarterback Carson Wentz last season. Matt Ryan is the new quarterback via trade from the Atlanta Falcons.

The Indianapolis Colts will be fine this season.

By Manali