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When it comes to carrying blood from various parts of the body to the lungs and hearts, veins play an important role. So, in the lower part of the body, the veins have to work harder to carry the blood against gravity. However, due to the failure of some valves and muscles, the blood can flow back to the lower parts of the body, and this issue causes various vascular issues. It may lead to CVI or chronic venous insufficiency, and reticular veins are often an early sign of this condition. 

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About reticular veins

First and foremost, it is important to understand what exactly reticular veins are. Are your veins visible? These visible veins are reticular veins. Most of the time, these veins are blue or purple. Although you can find them in any part of your body, mostly, you can see them on the ankles, lower thighs, the backside of the leg, knees, etc. 

Causes of Reticular Veins

  • Are you in a job in which you have to sit or stand for long hours? If yes, you are susceptible to reticular veins. People who are involved in the occupation of teachers, nurses, etc., are very often suffering from the condition. 
  • Also, if you are overweight, you may notice reticular veins in the lower region of your body. The excess weight of your body may lead to vein insufficiency leading to reticular veins. 
  • Age is also one of the primary factors responsible for reticular veins. The visible veins are most common in older people.  
  • Are you pregnant? If yes, it may be causing reticular veins. 

Are Reticular Veins Dangerous? 

Most of the time, the reticular veins are not dangerous, and they don’t impact your health. However, if you feel aching or fatigue in the areas, it can be a cause of discomfort. Also, you may feel uncomfortable wearing dresses that expose your legs, and it may lead to underconfidence. 

Do you want to get rid of the reticular veins? Reticular vein treatment is the best thing to do. It is an easy and simple procedure to say goodbye to the visible veins. As you bid goodbye to them, you become the most comfortable and confident with your appearance.

By Manali